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Welcome to Options Naturopathic Clinic, your source for comprehensive and reliable information about natural health care, top quality supplements, and homeopathic remedies. Erin Holston Singh, ND, founded the Clinic in 2000, and has successfully helped hundreds of patients using specialized, proven, and individually tailored natural remedies. "Dr. Erin" practices in our Cleveland Heights office but consults with patients around the United States and the world to support all of their natural health care needs.Julia Smith, CST is a Cranial Sacral therapist seeing clients at Options to complete our vision of whole health. Dr. Laura Cahill Sleggs is also part of the Options Naturopathic Clinic team, working from her base in upstate New York, Dr. Laura travels periodically to see patients in Cleveland Heights. 

This website originated as the online outreach of Dr. Erin's clinical practice, and it is her goal to share the benefits of holistic and lasting vitality through Naturopathy. For you as a health-seeker, we hope to provide the tools you need to manage your health: direction, knowledge, philosophy, research, and the highest quality products. Here you will find Education on topics categorized by health concerns, age, development stage, temperament, biotherapeutic drainage, miasm, and the French homeopathic methods supported by Dr. Erin. Our archived newsletters can be accessed by both date and topic and if you like what you read, you can sign up to receive them by email.

In our Online Store, you will find a wide variety of products endorsed by Dr. Erin based on clinical efficacy and absolute purity standards-which are rarely found elsewhere. Among the wide variety of products and brands we carry are Pekana, Vital Nutrients, Thorne, Genestra (Unda, Seroyal), Allimax, Weleda, and Herbal Gem. Products are shipped free to all locations in the Continental U.S. You can search our products by brand, health concern or product type. Feel free to contact us should you have a specific request or questions about any of our products.

You can also learn more about the history, philosophy, and terminology of Naturopathy through the lens of Dr Erin's 20 plus years in the field. The roots of homeopathic medicine reach centuries back, and today its methods are widely accepted across the world. We invite you to explore how you can create a balanced, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.