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Spring Cleaning.....once again 

Dr. Erin Holston SinghGreetings from Dr. Erin

It’s that time of year again. It seems to return more quickly than ever. Spring is my favorite season, since I know we have nothing to look forward to but gorgeous flowers and warm weather. As we all have likely experienced, it’s a natural time of year to clean out the closets, sweep the porch, and unload all kinds of clutter. Since such “spring cleaning” is a natural reaction to the change in weather for both personal space and one’s physical body, we have brief articles about both in this newsletter. Dr. John will be writing on the importance of a cleanse and I’ll be writing about the practical side of things for our longstanding patients…i.e. how to best organize your remedy closets! Of course I can’t resist throwing in a bit about naturopathic healing philosophy, since we base all of our therapies on these core principles. So there is that aspect of “spring healing,” as well. 
We are also offering our Spring Cleanse special again this year. DETAILS and COST

Dr. Erin’s Spring & Summer visits

Once again I’ll be coming up from the Deep South, driving the long road, since I will be attending an international meditation seminar from April 27 through May 1st and will thus be in town longer than usual. I will only be seeing patients on April 22nd-April 25th, however, so please schedule in advance, as there will be not be time for appointments after the 25th.
The next dates I’ll be in Cleveland after this are June 10-13th. I hope to see you then!

Welcome Carol Baglia, CBP, RRT to Options Naturopathic Clinic!

Carol will be using space at Options to teach her breathing workshops on the Buteyko method of breathing. BUTEYKO aims to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. I’ve received good feedback from patients who have tried it and it is quite popular with the naturopathic doctors across the country that have experience with the method. More information.

Dr. JohnSpring Cleaning for Body and Spirit

by John Sherman, N.D.

For centuries, health practitioners have stressed the importance of detoxification to increase vitality, fight infections, remove cellular debris, slow the aging process, and lessen degenerative disease. During a self-cleanse, your body can burn up and eliminate accumulated waste, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, old drugs and medications, and even toxins your mother was exposed to when pregnant with you. This inner cleansing process facilitates optimal metabolic function, cellular repair, and ultimately a surge in health and well-being. 

Any machine will last longer and function more efficiently if it’s periodically cleaned and tuned up once in a while. The body is similar to a machine in this regard, and spring is the perfect season to undertake a cleanse. Since our bodies are very sensitive to the natural rhythms of the universe, this is a great time of year to take advantage of the earth’s regenerative power to support our own cleansing. When we violate our own natural laws of diet and lifestyle, nature will often take its own initiative and begin a cleanse for us, creating acute symptoms through body discharging, as in diarrhea, sinus congestion, skin eruptions, foul stools, dark urine, coated tongue, etc. By doing a periodic cleanse, we keep current with any burdens that develop within us and cleanse at times when it is most convenient, rather than at unplanned stressful times. 

The most efficient cleanses are ones that clear and drain all the major organs of elimination: liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system. Secondary avenues of elimination must also be addressed in a complete cleanse, such as the skin, sinuses and other mucous membranes. When these secondary avenues of elimination are discharging on a routine basis, it usually means the primary organs are overloaded. If the secondary avenues get overloaded, the body starts protecting itself by isolating the toxins in deeper corners of the body like the joints (arthritis), brain (headaches or nervous system problems), endocrine glands (low function), and fat tissue. This occurs when simple eliminative processes get ignored: thus, through time, the body has no choice but to hide the toxic material in the deepest tissues, causing degeneration. Are you convinced that most of us need a good cleanse once in a while? 

Ways to support the primary organs of elimination during a cleanse: 

Liver: cleansing diet, avoiding processed oils and trans fats, reducing medications, and increasing circulation through the liver using herbs, homeopathics, and liver cleansing powders. 

Colon: elimination and purifying diet, fasting, high fiber foods, colon irrigation, probiotics, and eliminative herbs and homeopathics. 

Kidneys: adequate water to allow toxins in circulation to be eliminated, hot and cold packs over the kidney area, dietary and herbal diuretics, and kidney clearing homeopathics. 

Lungs: deep breathing, walking, aerobic exercise, yoga, and avoiding airborne pollutants. 

Lymph: dry skin brushing, exercise, yoga, massage, rebounding, and any movement that encourages increased circulation. 

Emotional and spiritual cleansing is also an important priority. By avoiding exposure to negative influences and stressful situations, a deep rest can occur naturally, while allowing the body to regenerate more easily. Reading uplifting and spiritual words can also leave one feeling peaceful and optimistic about life, health, purpose, and the future. 

As a naturopathic physician, I have had a lot of experience in cleansing and detoxification. I’m excited to offer consultations in personalized detox programs, tailored to your individual needs. A successful cleanse is also designed to re-awaken systems of the body that are sluggish or congested. Just as each of us has an ideal diet that suits our unique metabolism, we also need to respect our body’s capacity to cleanse at a pace that doesn’t create more problems. 

Please call 216-707-9137 to ask any questions about the personalized cleansing program or to schedule your cleanse.  Details and Cost of the Spring Cleanse Program.

Organizing your Remedies for A Healing Crisis!

by Erin Holston Singh, N.D.

If you’ve been a longstanding patient, you’ve most likely found your medicine cabinet stuffed with a collection of single homeopathic remedy vials and cache of Unda numbers that you are not currently using. You might get frustrated to have homeopathics left over, but don’t despair! There is a method to this madness of having remedies left over after a period of homeopathic treatment: that is to have a First-aid home remedy kit! 

Why would you need a kit? Aside from the multitude of unexpected injuries or problems we encounter in life, where these remedies might come in handy, it is normal and expected that the body discharges some toxicity during the course of naturopathic healing. This often looks like an undesired illness, but it is really a time when our chronic symptom picture shifts intermittently to an acute state before a healthier, more vital condition sets in. The remedies that one has from previous protocols often come in handy during these unavoidable “Healing Crises”. 

A Healing Crisis is a period of acute elimination that enables a person of ill health to return to a state of more normal physiological function. In naturopathic and homeopathic philosophy, a Healing Crisis is often not only unavoidable but also a very good sign that better health shall ensue. When we are organized and prepared for these moments of sudden change in our symptom picture, the process becomes much more natural and easier to manage, not to mention less painful! It is crucial to understand that these moments cannot be predicted and are truly inescapable, even when we are not actively following a naturopathic course of therapy. It is a fact of life that we become well, and a certainty in a healing program that truly returns one to an earlier state of wellness. 

I recommend the following suggestions to either organize your remedy lists, or to enable you to plan for those truly miraculous moments when the vital force ramps up its capacity for healing to set in. 

• Keep an alphabetized or computerized list of the remedies you have on hand. 

• Write the numbers on the top of your Unda numbered compounds with a permanent marker and line them up in numerical order inside of a shoe box or other container. 

• Keep low potency (4CH, 5CH, 7CH and 30K) single vial remedies (pellets) in one box or case and medium-high potencies (12CH, 15CH 30CH and 200K) in another box or case. 

• Consider getting an empty case for the single vials (The plastic, double layer case that holds 58 remedies, it’s empty First Aid Kit). We now have empty cases, on special until June 1st for $29.95, instead of their regular price of $34 (plus shipping, where applicable). 

• If you do not already have a stockpile of remedies, consider getting a bargain deal on 64 remedies at once. For almost half the price, get 64 remedies in the  Unda First Aid Kit.

• Consider keeping all remedies in one tackle box or other enclosed case for travel or other purposes. 

The beauty of homeopathy is that it is a completely NON-TOXIC and safe. It is ideal for children, for whom you do not want to give alcohol-based or other pharmacologic substances. Homeopathy can also help revive the body’s own immunity to protect it from further or aggravated ill health.

The Unda Homeopathic First Aid kit

64 remedies for only $198.00!! That's $3.00 off per remedy!

The Unda Homeopathic First Aid Kit has been revised to include only the most commonly needed remedies. Since homeopathy is an effective first line of care in sudden illness or minor injury, many of our patients find that having a home kit is very convenient. These kits save 44% off the regular (individual purchase) retail price. With each kit, comes a list of the remedies and their indications, known in homeopathy as a “materia medica,” as well as a brief “repertory,” which is a listing of the symptoms and which remedies correspond to those symptoms. These complimentary handouts are meant to supplement the use of a doctor’s advice, as well as other homeopathic first aid resource books. 

Options Spring Detox (available now through May)

Basic description:
This 2 - week (15-day) comprehensive program includes a combination of various liver and detoxification supports via diet, supplements, remedies and homemade recipes used in traditional naturopathic and Ayurvedic medicine. The main program consists of using a rice-based protein detox formula (Mediclear), that is tapered up and down over the course of the program, and aids in the biochemistry of one's liver detoxification pathways. Other supportive therapies, such as castor oil packs and saunas will be considered on an individual basis. Participants are also encouraged to consider a 3-day fast as an optional part of the detox.

The program consists of three separate meetings with Dr. John: one main consultation at the outset and two briefer (~20 min) consults at the middle and end of the program. A flat fee of $150 covers these consults. Since we understand it is often easier to involve a spouse or friend, we are offering the program for two people for $180, provided that the consultations during the program are joint visits. The main detox supplement (Mediclear) and other remedies are priced separately.

The Buteyko Breathing Method

Have you ever considered that your breathing could be making you sick? Did you know your respiratory system is responsible for eliminating 70% of your metabolic waste? Is your breathing efficient and effective at keeping your body cleansed? 

We breathe more than anything else we do, with over 20,000 breaths a day. Breathing can change the pH of your blood almost immediately. Breathing is one of the primary means to restore balance in the body, as well as an ideal way to to improve circulation, digestion, your immune system and your entire well being. Rudolf Steiner, the Guru of Anthroposophical medicine, once stated that “All healing originally resides in the human breathing system”, since breathing is the operational foundation of the body. 

Dysfunctional breathing is very prevalent in the population because people are not routinely taught how to breathe properly. When breathing malfunctions there is sure to be some compromise downstream, affecting aspects throughout the physical body, since all functions are connected to the breath. Many people eat a nutritious diet, get adequate physical exercise and restful sleep yet still suffer from symptoms. Have you considered that your breathing may be the missing component to optimal health? 

Fortunately we do have some voluntary control over our breathing so we can make it appropriate for the needs of our body. Carol Baglia, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Buteyko Breathing Method Practitioner, is now offering classes for those seeking to improve their physical performance or those looking for a solution to reduce medications and symptoms at the source. This program is especially helpful for shortness of breath, excess mucus, congestion, chest tightness, chronic coughing, throat clearing, bad breath, dry mouth, sinus problems, frequent colds or flu, fatigue, hypertension, and many other symptoms. 


The workshop is 10 hours of instruction for $350. This is a one-time, all-inclusive, satisfaction guaranteed fee.  April 21-25 at 10 AM – noon will be the first course. Other dates and times are available by calling toll free: 1-888-748-8874.

This is a great opportunity to take breathing lessons to restore normal breathing 24/7.  Enjoy increased energy, weight adjustment, and muscle toning with practicing natural breathing exercises. Most people following this safe, simple program can eliminate their symptoms within a few days and maintain proper breathing permanently. This usually negates the need for many medications, CPAP, dental devices, or suffering for life. Remedial breathing is also highly effective for ending asthma, allergies, panic attacks, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, nasal polyps, fibromyalgia, plus much more. 

Breathe well, be well. 

See www.correctbreathing.com for more info.