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"I originally saw Dr. Holston for migraine headaches that would have me in bed a day or two once a month. At first the progress was slow but I saw progress. The headaches went to every other month, then even more time would go by in between a headache. With Erin's help I discovered my triggers and eliminated them from my diet. While seeing Dr. Holston we discovered other symptoms and problems, like digestive issues I took for granted as normal, or lack of energy I thought was just because I worked hard. As we addressed these symptoms I gained energy, a cheerier outlook, and when I entered Menopause I had no symptoms. Now I use naturopathic medicine as my first choice for my health care."

Beth Y.

"I had been managing my lupus diagnosis with Plaquenil, Prednisone and Prilosec for five years when I found Dr. Erin. Within 2-3 months I was able to stop taking all pharmaceuticals and have been largely symptom free for 2-1/2 years. Though I still see a rheumatologist once a year, she tells me that there is no sign of the lupus in my annual blood and urine tests. Similarly, when my daughter started working with Dr. Erin she had been struggling for more than a year with periodic undiagnosed gastrointestinal distress she acquired while traveling abroad. Her issues resolved completely within about 6 months, and she has been able to further refine some minor health concerns once the bigger issue disappeared."

Mary A.

"I met Dr. Erin 2.5 years ago when I was completely exasperated with seeking solutions for my chronic and cascading series of symptoms. I had found no answers from conventional medicine, in fact, I'm certain my situation was worsened by some of the pharmaceuticals I was given."

"She was able to assess almost immediately the root of the problem and guide me on a path of recovery that has been completely successful. Even though I am still in the process of healing and re-building my immune system, I realize the importance of addressing the cause of symptoms not just masking them. I did not become chronically fatigued and immune-weakened overnight several years ago, and I wasn't going to be cured overnight. Her constant patience, meticulous attention to detail, and tireless commitment to my improvement has been amazing. I am so grateful!"

Nan M.

"My name is Joan. I am 60 years old and currently under the care of Dr. Erin Singh at Options Naturopathic Clinic.
In February of 2013 I was not in a very good place. I reached out to Dr. Erin with the following complaints: inability to sleep, high stress levels, arthritis in my hands, umbilical hernia, issues with anger and irritability, vertigo, anxiety, sense of detachment and depression. Being aware of alternative medicine, I was already taking multiple herbs (that I prescribed for myself) to deal with some of these symptoms, but I was also taking some prescription medications. I felt like my life was a mess. After I submitted the very thorough intake forms from Options Naturopathic clinic, I consulted with Dr. Erin via Skype. Dr. Erin prescribed herbs and homeopathic remedies for me, which I took for the following three months. I took all the recommended products faithfully every day. I can honestly and most sincerely tell you that within days I felt better. Symptoms began to subside. Slowly, surely, progressively I began to feel like my Self again. After three months I had a follow up consultation where we determined which products I still needed and which products I didn’t need to take any longer. I remember looking at Dr. Erin with tears in my eyes and saying “You saved my life”. I was sleeping. I was more relaxed. I was able to focus and deal with life without anxiety or anger. Homeopathy is a true gift to mankind – but you have to work with a homeopath who knows how to prescribe! Dr. Erin knows. Thank you with my entire heart. I am extremely grateful!"

Joan D.