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The OM Program (Brain Protocol): The Basics

The OM Program (Brain Protocol) is a homeopathic program used to reset trauma, optimize development or support a person through a difficult transition. It consists of remedies that specifically integrate all that develops during the period of maturation, from birth to puberty so that it is specifically in sync. Given that trauma, whether it be mechanical, […]

Homeopathic Drainage

Biotherapeutic Drainage is the therapeutic use of homeopathics, botanicals or trace minerals to facilitate the elimination of toxins out of the body. Often the term is shortened to ‘drainage’ for simplicity, or to imply what is needed from a therapeutic perspective: directed detoxification to the whole system or to specific organs or tissues. The following […]


The notion of “Constitution” represents the core of a person-or the structure of his inner being. In drainage homeopathy (as GuĂ©niot taught it), “constitution” is not a notion that can be diagnosed in daily contact, or through observable behaviors, but rather are traits that only reveal themselves in unusual and unimaginable confrontations with life or […]


Diathesis describes a person’s predisposition or tendency. The early homeopaths used another word for this type of classification: miasm. The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, originally described three classic miasms or diatheses: Psoric (SORE-ICK), Sycotic (SIGH-CAH-TICK), and Syphilitic (SI-FA-LI-TIC), known in Europe as Luetic (LOO-E-TIC). Today, we add a fourth that is thought to have developed in the late 19th and early […]


Balancing the temperament in natural medicine means balancing the social aspects of an individual in order to affect their physical symptom picture. In this regard, natural medical practitioners, such as naturopathic doctors and homeopathic physicians, understand that behavioral problems such as mood and social difficulties are often a reflection of the innate aspects of a […]

Terrain, the Guéniot Definition

From the perspective of natural medicine, the terrain of a human being is made up three things: what is inherited (i.e. what he came with), an individual’s personal history (i.e. nutrition, personal events and intoxifications) and finally, what suppressive medical therapies he has had, such as vaccination, antibiotic therapy or other ongoing drug treatment. This […]

Microbes and the Terrain

Special Commentary on COVID-19 & What you can DO today to protect yourself and your family Dr. Erin The particle beam from the largest and oldest black whole ever measured is hitting the earth right NOW[1]. To me, this is no coincidence with the current events of our little world called Earth. Perhaps for the […]

Principles of Healing

There are two main philosophical explanations of healing that guide both naturopathic medicine and our day-to-day work with patients: Hering’s Law of Cure and Reckeweg’s Homotoxicology. Hering’s law defines the practical events that occur as a patient moves from a more diseased state to health, whereas the other two explanations are more complete descriptions of […]

A New Kind of Medical Insurance: Medical Assurance

Times are difficult. Money is tight. Good health is fading. What is one to do? Many people feel trapped by the current healthcare system; insurance premiums are high, and the money tied up in paying them hinders people from spending on alternate forms of care they would like to explore. Most feel it would be […]

Naturopathic Doctor’s Training and Regulation

Naturopathic Doctors (ND/NMD) unlike traditional naturopaths are trained at one of these seven federally accredited naturopathic schools: Bastyr University Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine Bridgeport University* Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine National University of Health Sciences National University of Natural Medicine Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine *Bridgeport University is no longer accepting new students. Once […]