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Comprehensive Approach to Building Resiliency: Support for Viral Illness

Naturopathic Support for Viral Illness & Cytokine Storms Naturopathic medicine has many suggestions for the ‘cytokine release syndrome’ or ‘cytokine storm’ driving the respiratory failure mentioned in our Microbes and the Terrain article. The release of these immunological molecules is the aberrant immunity on overdrive (again, related to the toxicants, but classical medicine rarely considers this). Autoimmunity, […]

The 90-minute Homeopathic Cure

Erin Holston Singh, ND Allow me to relay a brief miraculous resolution of a sick kid.  I’m at privilege to detail this story as he happens to be my 8-year old son.  Adan woke up yesterday morning at 5am and came to my husband’s bedside complaining of an earache.  When he got up to leave […]

Home Management of Acute Fever

A fever is one of the first elements of immune defense. When an individual has a fever, he is triggering his immune defense. So a fever is not a disease, but an indication that the individual is defending himself. If the child is under 7 years old when the fever appears, he is building his […]

Childhood Illnesses and Antibiotic Usage

From a naturopathic and homeopathic perspective, childhood illness is an important part of an individual’s physical and psychological development. The illness reinforces the child’s sense of his or her own boundaries, invigorates the immune system and makes it more efficient. Evidence of this lies in the growth spurts and developmental changes parents often report following […]

Fever and Acetaminophen Use

What You Should Know About Fever and Acetaminophen Use Many parents find it difficult to refrain from giving their children Tylenol (acetaminophen/paracetamol) or some other type of children’s over-the-counter analgesic medication such as Ibuprofen (NSAID) when they see their child acutely ill. We suggest a parent hold back for a multitude of reasons.  Originally we […]


FLU VACCINES and COLD and FLU PREVENTION: Mucococcinum Views expressed herein are my opinions based on study and experience We suggest that you do as much as possible to prepare for the oncoming cold and flu season. Flu vaccinations are not a safe, viable or even effective solution to cold and flu prevention. Using homeopathics […]

What to Do in Case of Acute Illness

Should you develop an acute illness, you can refer to the chart of Unda Drainage Compounds for support. These compounds can be used with single homeopathic remedies you may choose for specific symptoms, or with those that Dr. Erin might suggest if you choose to consult with her. These remedies will facilitate the drainage or detoxification […]

Terrain, Microbes, Illness, & Resiliency

At Options Naturopathic, we espouse reinforcing our innate immunity to reduce damaging environmental influences that lead to illness. Our experience has proven these practices as the ideal form of natural therapeutics for the individual, the collective, and the entire planet. The background for these methods originated from our naturopathic forefathers and colleagues and have been […]

Stress & Self-talk

Stress can really be viewed as a dual entity-that which is created by my physical environment, and that which is created by my emotional state or temperament. The physical stress includes those toxic aggressors that I encounter in this world: the poor nutrition, the heavy metals, the tobacco smoke or the chemical toxins in my […]

A Deep Dive into the OM Program

HORMONES DRIVE DEVELOPMENT Guéniot suggests that hormones direct the critically important neurological connections to develop between the gastrointestinal organs and the central nervous system. He taught that human development is triggered and supported through various hormonal surges, beginning with the pituitary surge of the mother just before birth (via oxytocin), through the adrenal surge of the […]