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Food Quality: Why It Matters

FOOD QUALITY: WHY IT MATTERS Patrick Healey, N.D. All food is not created equal. Some should not even be considered food, because of how processed, chemically laden, and manipulated it is! Sticking with whole, minimally processed, foods is a great way to start changing your nutrition and improving your health. A good general idea to […]

Trauma & Gratitude Around the Holidays

TRAUMA & GRATITUDE AROUND THE HOLIDAYS Laura Mouriño, N.D. Thanksgiving for many of us is right around the corner, which is traditionally considered a time for celebrating with family over a meal and to express gratitude for the people and things we have in our lives. On the contrary, for many folks this time of […]

Physician Heal Thyself: Lessons in Healing Reactions

PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF: LESSONS IN HEALING REACTIONS Erin Holston Singh, N.D. Just in time for a blog post on acute healing, I had a synchronous healing reaction of my own. Nature Cure docs, such as myself, talk about such healing reactions incessantly, but what exactly are they? A healing reaction is the dynamic calibration any […]