This type of consult is best suited for:

  • Pediatric wellness consults
  • Those that have 1-2 health issues to address
  • Exemption letters needed for work or school
Dr. Patrick is available for both long-distance virtual consults and in-person.

    • Initial Consult with Dr. Patrick (45 Minutes): $150
    • Your follow-ups after the initial consult will be basic follow-ups (75 Minutes): $170

An Abbreviated Initial Visit is recommended for those who want to establish care with us but may have less complex health issues to review. This visit is half the time and half the cost of a full initial visit and includes a review of your history by Dr. Patrick. He will then determine what supports you may need to correct your health issues or prevent any future concerns.

Similar to our full initial visit, patients will be provided with a comprehensive plan that contains the necessary lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and/or homeopathics needed for positive changes.

You will leave with a bloodwork requisition for your first follow up, which will allow us to take the guesswork out of any suggestions made for your unique self. We review all bloodwork with our Optimal Terrain reference ranges and with specific attention placed on the physiology and patterns of dysfunction. This gives us a more thorough picture than what the typical lab ranges and assessments reveal. Unlike the average lab reference ranges that differ with varying demographics, the terrain-centric, optimized ranges are universal, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and location. These ranges display what bloodwork should look like for a person in optimal health.

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