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What to Do in Case of Acute Illness

Should you develop an acute illness, you can refer to the chart ofย Unda Drainage Compounds for support. These compounds can be used with single homeopathic remedies you may choose for specific symptoms, or with those that Dr. Erin might suggest if you choose to consult with her. These remedies will facilitate the drainage or detoxification of the individual.

  • Stop any other Unda numbers you may be taking at the time an acute illness develops.
  • Only use 3-4 compounds at one time.
  • If you are confused as to which numbers to use, please set up a phone consultation with one of our doctors, as necessary.


AGE 0-2 2 drops SIX times a day
AGE 2-5 3 drops SIX times a day
AGE 6-adult 5 drops SIX times a day

Frequency of dose may be decreased as symptoms improve

ALTERNATIVE DOSING: Take 20 drops of each Unda # (along with 10 pellets of any other single homeopathic remedies you may be using) and add them all to 24-32 oz. of filtered water and sip every 15-60 minutes, depending on the severity of symptoms. (More severe=more often).

(No more than 4 compounds should be used at one time)

UNDA #2 ALWAYS use with acute infections (ear, throat, sinus, flu, urinary, etc.) Supports drainage.
UNDA #5 Use for coughs, chest colds and bronchitis or pneumonia (or threat thereof).
UNDA #7 Aids in urinary tract inflammation, infection and elimination.
UNDA #15 Whenever your child’s temperature rises above 98.6 F OR if your child develops chills and
is attempting to mount a fever. (see chart below for ideal fever temperature).
UNDA #27 Use for hoarseness and upper respiratory infections.
UNDA #37 Use for infections (except sinus & ear infections) and any localized inflammation.
UNDA #44 Use for urinary tract infections, fever and kidney stones.
UNDA #312 Use for sore throat.
UNDA #710 Use for sinus or ear infections (instead of #37)-infections inside a ‘cavity’.

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