If you’ve been paying attention to the media, the hype, and the new craze for supplementation, you’ve done a little reading or thinking about this new word in the supplement world: Antioxidants. Antioxidants are any vitamin, mineral, herb or other natural substance, which protect the body from free-radical damage. Free-radicals are the electron scavengers that come from various toxic sources, such as poor quality foods (trans-fats), Ionizing radiation (i.e. sun, medical X-rays) and other chemical or environmental pollutants. Since these electrons oxidize tissues, the beneficial effect from those foods or plant sources that stop this reaction are called antioxidants.

Free radicals are ubiquitous and all of us need protection from them. People who are ill or are at-risk for certain illnesses need this protection even more. Over 60 illnesses are thought to be connected to excess oxidative activity from free-radicals. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the major oxidative-related diseases, but free radicals also play a role in aging, particularly degeneration of tissues and premature aging, and heavy metal toxicity.

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