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Derailing Toxicity

On February 3rd, 2023, a Norfolk Southern train of roughly one hundred and fifty rail cars derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, creating a massive explosion that released five different hazardous chemicals into the air, soil and water. With so many patients expressing concern about exposures and asking what they should do to protect themselves and […]

Cancer and Heart Disease

CANCER & HEART DISEASE: WHAT DO THESE TWO CONDITIONS HAVE IN COMMON? Not only are they the leading causes of death, but they also arise from the same fundamental issue: mitochondrial dysfunction! Your body relies on little structures called mitochondria to produce energy. These organelles are actually bacteria (an alpha-proteobacterium) you co-evolved with, and which […]

Conventional, Integrative, Functional, or Naturopathic?

CONVENTIONAL, INTEGRATIVE, FUNCTIONAL OR NATUROPATHIC – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Most people are familiar with “conventional medicine” since it is the predominant system of healthcare in society today, but as more and more people decide that they want to improve their health in a better way, there are now integrative, functional, and naturopathic practitioners. Here, we […]

New Mitochondria, New Me!

NEW MITOCHONDRIA, NEW ME! The phrase “New Year, New Me” is a great reminder to implement healthier habits. Despite good intentions, the resolution “to lose 20 pounds” or “to stop eating sugar” often falls short, resulting in old habits. Rather than a short term resolution, it may be wiser to take a life extending approach […]


Psoric people are contending with an exaggeration of their normal, physiological functions. In a healthy, balanced person, we see all toxic aggressors eliminated through the usual routes like the colon, skin, or urinary tract (emunctories). What we see in the psoric person is an overreaction when doing so. For example, if the psoric person ingests […]


HEMP: MESSENGER OF THE EARTH Are you one of those people who has tried CBD and didn’t feel a thing?  Wondering WHY you would spend your money on something that you can’t even feel? No effects, no relaxation, no bliss, nothing? Well, I used to be one of those people. Then one day it was like […]

NON-Hormonal Contraception

Protect your liver, please STOP the pill! We have found a multitude of health concerns that arise after women unknowingly choose to use hormonal birth control.  Respect your rhythms and your own hormones and let us help you get away from these noxious drugs!  Natural Family Planning & the “FemCap” are reported to be just […]