BEMER PEMT Technology

Come for a quick (only 8 minutes!), relaxing treatment that offers over 12 hours of therapeutic benefit to your circulatory and detoxification systems!

1 Treatment for $25

2 Treatments for $40 (within a 2-day period)

10 treatments for $150


The BEMER is ideal to have in your own home, but it’s useful to use this detox support when undergoing periods of high stress or a need for deeper access to bodily tissues. We offer this therapy both in house and for rental for $350 for a 4-week period.

The BEMER is a German-designed Swiss-manufactured biomedical device that has proven its capabilities and established its leadership in its ability to increase microcirculation (capillary blood flow and tissue perfusion) during non-invasive 8-minute sessions and for 12-15 hours thereafter. All the health benefits of BEMER therapy are derived from greater efficiency in delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removal of carbon dioxide and waste products to all cells of the body systemically, as well as in more focused local applications. As you’ll see, the BEMER has a full-length body mat as well as spot applicators.

I’ve included below links to numerous testimonials of varying length by various health practitioners and others that may interest you; but please simply start with these three videos.

The webinar by Dr. Berka will give you a good foundation into BEMER technology. . . and how this PEMF biomedical device differs from other pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF)-based equipment.

If you’re not already familiar with PEMF technology, the key to understanding the differences among such devices is that PEMF is simply the carrier wave it’s the signal imposed on the electromagnetic field that makes the critical difference in the impact on the body; that is, how the body responds when exposed to the signal.

The Berka webinar was produced for Dr. John Brimhall’s organization. If you’ve not heard of him before, Dr. Brimhall, DC, is renowned in chiropractic circles . . . in fact, known as the Father of Wellness, with a huge number of chiropractic followers. Because this webinar addresses an audience of chiropractors, the presentation and Q&As at the end are more medically-focused than other BEMER intro programs you can find online. As you’ll see, the Berka presentation provides a general explanation of BEMER’s unique technology, case studies and specific treatment applications. It also includes some impressive before and after BEMER treatment photos. For your reference, I’ve also attached an article that provides further technical information on how the BEMER differs from other PEMF devices.

As you might imagine, Dr. Brimhall is a HUGE fan of the BEMER (for instance, listen to Dr. Brimhall’s comments in the first 3 minutes of this presentation

Two Interesting Facts

First, with all their dozens of physicians and scientists, and no practical limit on what the Agency could spend to solve the problem. I think it speaks volumes for the credibility and effectiveness of the device that NASA chose to contract with BEMER (among all PEMF-device manufacturers) to integrate BEMER technology into astronaut spacesuits to address the substantial bone and muscle loss astronauts experience from weightless space travel.

And second, the performance of the BEMER-sponsored 4-man team in last year’s Race Across America was truly impressive. As you may know, this transcontinental bicycle race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD, is widely recognized as the world’s toughest endurance bicycle race. The 3000-mile course involves climbing over 170,000 vertical feet. Athletes from around the world compete in this challenging sports event.

The BEMER 4-man team changed places every 17-22 minutes throughout the non-stop race, using the BEMER before and after every leg of their participation, and during their sleeping shifts. Results: Not only did the BEMER team win the race in its division of Four Man/Woman teams — what was remarkable, if not phenomenal, is the fact that the 4-man BEMER team beat the winning time of the 8-man/woman teams by a 16 minute margin! Not surprising that many athletes and sports teams are now endorsing the BEMER for its endurance enhancing and physical recovery benefits.


I’ve copied below (1) additional links to diverse testimonials by healthcare practitioners and others; and (2) a little online research I’ve done to show on how some practitioners are monetizing the BEMER in their practices. And this doesn’t include the substantial commission revenue available if you decide to become a BEMER distributor as well.


BEMER has now been reported in over 50 medical publications. And there is substantial medical case information being published on the Internet. See, for example, This large PDF file gathers papers relating to BEMER application in the fields of

  • Dermatology
  • Diabetology
  • Endorcrinology
  • Neurology
  • Othamology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Tramatology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary Medicine

This presentation highlights BEMER therapy for tissue regeneration (with some impressive photos beginning around 18 minutes into the video). See

Short Practitioner Testimonials. Except for the last listed videos by Suggs and Couey, all of the following are quite short . . . perhaps 3 minutes average length.

Dr Lari Young, MD– IFM trained Functional Medicine practitioner (personal benefits). Uses BEMER helping patients recovering from chronic illnesses, pain, fatigue, hormone imbalances, diabetes, etc.

Dr. Mary VanHoy, OD (Doctor of Optometry). Uses BEMER in addressing a variety of eye health conditions.

Dr. John Kotter, MD (Family physician). Personal benefits using BEMER after severe auto accident, aortic transection, pelvic fractures, etc.

Dr. Stephen Weiss, MD–Uses BEMER for patients with muscular-skeletal pain, diabetes, etc.

Dr. Russ Burger, MD (personal benefits for back pain). With BEMER, dramatically reduced his own pain medication and now recommends to patients with chronic pain issues.

Dr. Laura Barry, DC (personal benefits for health conditions) Used BEMER  to eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness and to reverse a presumably irreversible circulation problem caused by a 20+ year old rattlesnake bite.

Dr Petia Kremen, MD (personal benefits for rest and increased energy). Used BEMER to help patient with Bleeding Diabetic Retinopathy to stop bleeding and restore sight.

Dr. Sam Burn, OD (Doctor of Optometry). Conducted a personal experiment with 40 patients (with cataracts, glaucoma, traumatic brain injury, etc.) using BEMER for 10 sessions, and 38 out of 40 had improved vision 2 lines or more.

Dr Jacob Levine, MD (practices internal medicine, acupuncture). Using BEMER for personal use, increased alertness, energy and stamina

Dr Linda Berry, DC (personal benefits in repairing muscle atrophy from damage occurring over 30 years ago). Using BEMER successfully with patents with post traumatic neuralgia, gastric reflux, blood pressure issues.

Dr Andrew Iverson, ND–Using BEMER with 10-12 patients a day with diverse health conditions . . . pain and infection, heart disease, post stroke, autoimmune issues, lime disease, etc.

Dr Rotkiewicz, MD (personal benefits, had been on steroids 14 years and with BEMER was able to stop in 2 months).

Dr. Clay Suggs, DC At first very skeptical, until Dr. Suggs saw the results the patients in his practice were achieving (see; he later turned to BEMER when personally facing severe kidney failure. [Dr. Suggs had posted a testimonial about this at the following link; but I believe BEMER USA has asked him to block it because of his recommending BEMER treatments for kidney stones, and the company is policing testimonials is the U.S. that are disease specific while it’s Class IIa medical device application is pending with the FDA.]

Dr. Richard Couey,renowned Cell Physiologist, Baylor University. Calls the BEMER is the greatest discovery he has seen in his lifetime since the genome. The closest thing he’s seen to the fountain of youth.
See these longer videos at and

A Few Lay Personal Testimonials (again, the following are just short 2-3 minute videos)