An Autumn Downer: Fall Allergies

We are in full swing of Fall with pumpkins, changing leaves, and unfortunately allergies galore. Although not as famous as their counterpart Spring Allergies, allergies in the Fall months are on the rise and so many people are suffering this season from those sniffles.

Like Spring there is a transition that happens in Autumn with temperatures dropping, different flowers blooming, and leaves falling to nourish the earth thus who better to help you navigate through this season than Naturopathic doctors, those who use nature’s perfect order to heal the ill. 

Seasonal allergies, be it in Fall or Spring, are not to be confused with an anaphylactic allergy as seasonal symptoms do not involve life-threatening reactions like an (anaphylactic) allergy does such as a peanut allergy. Regardless of the season, allergies are the body’s hyper-reactive response to nature’s otherwise harmless compounds such as pollen or dander. 

Allergies were not as common until the last 50-70 years when cleaning products such as bleach, antibacterial soaps, and hand sanitizers became household staples. Thus in an overly clean world, as a whole, humanity’s immune system had no significant microbiome to attack so it began seeing innocuous things in nature like pollen, dander, or even its own tissues as threats to the body developing into seasonal allergies and other autoimmune disorders.

Unlike conventional treatment of seasonal allergies that work to stop the body’s innate response to nature and worsening future flares, naturopathic medicine works to improve the body’s ability to adapt to the world around and reduce the flares of “intolerance” seen as allergies. Naturopathic doctors work to correct the response to allergies or terrain with diet and natural non-toxic compounds as opposed to “suppressing” the response and exposing the body to synthetic chemicals with harmful side effects.

There are many natural compounds from quercetin, stinging nettles, NAC, Elderberry, and many others that can help clear out congestion, reduce runny nose, relieve a sinus headache and help your body to prepare for the changes in season.

If you are suffering from fall allergies call Dr. Laura and she will help find the perfect solution to support your system and alleviate those seasonal symptoms.

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