Drainage and Unda Numbers

Many of you who have visited our office have experienced the process of biotherapeutic drainage using the UNDA numbered compounds and other homeopathic remedies. Many of you have had questions and concerns regarding the background of this system and how the UNDA compounds work. For your convenience, this document aims to clarify the work and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions, particularly because much of the literature on drainage available is written in French.

What Are UNDA Numbers?

The UNDA numbers were created over 50 years ago in France by a man named Georges Discri. They are made from plant and mineral substances and are homeopathically prepared. Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and non-toxic but immensely potent medicines. As such, they have profound implications for virtually all states of disease, or imbalance, in the body. For more information about homeopathy in general, please see the recommended reading page and the homeopathy section of my favorite links.

How do the UNDA Compounds Work?

The UNDA compounds are unique in that they combine diluted forms of plants and minerals, which give them a dual action. The plant part of the medicine (or remedy as we say in homeopathic terms) has an affinity for certain organ systems in the body. For example, the plant Chelidonium majus has an affinity for the liver whereas the plant Cratageus oxycantha has an affinity for the heart and cardiovascular system. The plants also possess unique characteristics in terms of the way they affect an organ or organ system. For example some plants may have a stimulating action whereas others will calm or sedate an organ’s function.

The minerals in the compound have an affect on the way our cells carry out chemical reactions. Basically, every cell in our body is like a tiny, individual engine. Engines process different reactions and then eliminate the waste products left over from their work. Different metals enable the cells to carry out their functions. When used in homeopathic dilutions this is an energetic stimulus.

What is Drainage and Why is it Important?

So the plants guide the remedy to the appropriate organ system, be it digestive, cardiovascular or respiratory. Additionally, the minerals help change the way the cells are biochemically functioning. Because of this, these remedies are actually helping the body detoxify by helping all the individual engines (our cells) work more efficiently, especially with regard to eliminating waste effectively. That is why drainage is called drainage. The body is aided in the elimination of waste.

Through what routes is this accomplished? The body has a number of ways it rids itself of toxic accumulations. Primarily the liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs are used to excrete waste. When these routes are overwhelmed, or not functioning adequately, secondary routes are established because the body will do whatever it can to eliminate waste. These secondary routes are the skin, mucous membranes of the nasal sinuses and the vaginal tract for women. This is why chronic irritation of the sinuses and chronic vaginitis are so common. They are emergency routes of elimination, established when the liver, intestines and kidneys cannot handle the job. Please see information on probiotics for a better understanding of how intestinal health is crucial to overall good health.

Toxicity and Elimination

How are toxins created? Where are they coming from? Most of us are aware by now that the world we are living in is toxic. On a daily basis, each of us is exposed to a number of potentially harmful substances, all of which the body, especially the liver, must properly handle. In addition, poor nutritional habits, lack of sufficient water intake, stress and other emotions can contribute to toxicity in the body if not properly eliminated. As you can see, all of us have some measure of toxicity and even healthy individuals should do some internal cleansing two to three times per year.

The implications of drainage for health and healing are enormous. The body’s ability to properly eliminate plays a large part in determining the status of health. In other words, health is restored when the body is able to rid itself of toxins that naturally accumulate in the cells. But cleansing is just the first step in attaining the higher goals of preventing disease and maintaining health. Dr. Erin’s teacher, Gèrard Guèniot M.D., has taught her that we must also rebuild immunity, improve circulation, prevent aging and protect and nourish the nervous system for a truly holistic approach to health.

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