First Aid Viral REPERTORY

A homeopathic repertory is a tool to match symptoms with the remedies that have been shown to correct particular problems.  This list here is meant to be cross-referenced with the “Ultimate Homeopathic First Aid Remedy List” to find the most appropriate remedy(s) for each problem.  Be sure to read both, in order to find the remedy or remedies best suited to your needs.

DOSING: Remedies can be given alone, in combination, or in a liter (≈34 oz.) of water with Unda numbers.  The frequency of dosing depends on the severity and acuteness of the problem.  More severe problems can be dosed as often as every 5-15 minutes.  Less sudden and less severe illness/First aid can be dosed less frequently, such as hourly or even 2-3 times a day.   If you feel the problem is not improving, try a different remedy.  For acute problems, like an uncomfortable fever, you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes to try a different remedy to get relief, since the effect can be immediate.  You cannot overdose or hurt yourself or your children with the remedies in the Unda First Aid Kit.  This is the beauty of homeopathy.

Ache, muscularEupatorium, Camphor, Gelsemium, Rhus tox, Bryonia
Bending double, amelioratesColocynthis, Mag phos
Breathing, insufficient, shortness of breathCarbo veg
BronchitisAnt tart, Belladonna, Ipeca, Kali bich, Merc sol, Phosphorus, Sulphur
ChillsEupatorium, Camphor
ChokingAntimonium tart, Ipeca
Cold, commonKali bichromium, Merc sol
Cough, children’sDrosera, Sambucus, Spongia
Cough, laryngealAconite, Cuprum, Sambucus (children only), Spongia
Cough, spasmodicCuprum, Bryonia
Cough, thick/wet, productiveAntimonium tart, Stannum, Hepar sulph
Cough, unendingBryonia, Pulsatilla, Rumex, Ipeca
Cough, WhoopingCuprum, 
Edema, uvula, onApis, Kali bich
FeverApis, Arnica, Belladonna, Lachesis, Rhus tox, Gelsemium
Fever, Low-gradeFerrum phos
Fever, delerium, withStramonium
Fatigue (post-illness)China, Arnica, Merc sol, Kali phos 
Heat, BetterColocynthis
InfectionAconite, Echinacea, Dulcamara, Kali bich, Pyrogenium, Merc sol
InflammationBelladonna, Calc sulph, Ferrum phos.
InsomniaArsenicum, Zincum metallicum, Coffea
LaryngitisAconite, Sambucus, Spongia
Meningitis, signs ofApis, Bryonia
Motion, betterChamomilla, Pulsatilla
Motion, worseBryonia
Nose, RunnyAllium cepa, Thuya, Kali bich, Hydrastis
Pain, epigastric, brutalCuprum 200K
Pain, lumbarNux vomica, Ruta, Sepia, Sulphur
Phlegm, bloodyIpeca
Phlegm, thickMerc sol, Pulsatilla, Calc carb
Pressure, betterBryonia
SinusitisKali bich, Mezereum
Sore ThroatAconite, Belladonna, Phosphorus. Merc sol, Gelsemium, Hepar sol
Stillness, betterBryonia
Suppression, avoidanceZincum metallicum
SuppurationCalc sulph, Hepar sulph
TonsillitisBelladonna, Mercurius, Phytolacca, Baryta carb
Viral diseaseCamphor, Eupatorium perf
WheezingAntimonium tart

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