Think Smarter Not Harder with Contraception

Natural Family Planning & FemCap reported to be just as effective as conventional anti-contraceptive options with less side effects.

With all of the technology out these days it was only a matter of time before smartphone apps came out not only for marking a woman’s period but also when she is most fertile for appropriate family planning. Amongst all of the anti-contraceptive methods including oral birth control, injections, surgically implanted devices like IUDs, and condoms, many people forget a time-tested tradition of natural family planning which according to the FDA can be upwards of 98% effective with perfect use and 93% with typical use.

Natural family planning effectiveness is similar to the most potent hormonal and non-hormonal anti-contraceptives such as Meriva IUDs but without the unwanted side effects of toxic hormones, heavy metal exposure, allergic reactions, or altering a woman’s menstrual cycle.

For those technologically-inclined, an app has been recently FDA-approved for effective family planning, known as Natural Cycles this app uses a fertility awareness method based on basal body temperature (BBT). Women enter their temperature into the app each morning, as well as information regarding their menstrual period, and the app calculates the window of time when a woman is the most fertile.

For those who would like to take additional precautions to avoid pregnancy during this window of ovulation without the worry of hormone side effects, experiencing a latex allergy, or environmental waste of male condoms, FemCap is a viable and effective option.

FemCap is a reusable surgical-grade silicone cervical cap that is 92% effective in the prevention of pregnancy and when used in combination with Natural Family Planning, the effectiveness with perfect use is 95% without the side effects of hormonal contraception, allergic reactions to male condoms, or environmental waste.

FemCap is also more economical than any other method costing less than $130 for up two years worth of contraceptive protection compared to several hundred to thousands dollars spent on disposable condoms, anti-contraceptive surgery, pills, and injections every year.

However, like all contraceptives aside from barrier devices these methods do not protect against Sexually-Transmitted Illnesses (STIs/STDs).

Read more about the Natural Cycles app here

FemCap–Reusable surgical grade silicone cervical cap

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