What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a unique doctoral profession built upon the premise of using nature as a healing modality.  Moving away from pharmaceutical therapies and intent on ‘first doing no harm’, naturopathic physicians use an age-old principle called the “Vis Medicatrix Naturae” or, ‘the healing power of nature’, to stimulate the body’s innate healing capacities. Naturopathic medicine is natural medicine, using non-toxic and systemically supportive medicines. Not only do naturopathic methods not cause problems down the road after years of use, as with many drug therapies in use today, our approach is restorative and healing.

In fact, naturopathic medicine was created in 1901 as a direct response to the overuse of chemical drug therapies. Over the previous century the use of mercury, also known as ‘calomel’, was in widespread use, mirroring the current pharmaceutical industry. A group of “drugless doctors”, European “Nature Cure” practitioners, homeopaths and herbal therapists, also known as the “Eclectics”, morphed into a distinct and evolving profession after being dismayed at the impact of toxic treatments on patients*. 

Given the various holistic therapies employed by thousands of ND’s across the country, working with one naturopathic doctor can be very different from working with another.  Here at Options Naturopathic Clinic, we strive to match the needs of the patient with their capacity and ability to do what is needed to get well. We understand it is hard to envision what the experience of working with us would be like until you have done it, so we offer a free-10 min consult to help explain and determine if we are the right practice for you.

*The actual term ‘naturopath’ was coined by Benedict Lust, a hydrotherapist immigrant from Germany.

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