If you or a family member has cancer, consider using our team to help you or your loved one navigate the firehose of information required in order to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your healing journey. We follow the most up-to-date, well documented naturopathic and metabolic-based protocols that either complement your conventional care or lead you out of a program that is failing you as your disease continues to progress.
We advise all patients with chronic illness to read The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, by our esteemed colleague, Dr. Nasha Winters and her co-author, keto-smart nutritionist Jess Higgins-Kelley. If you have cancer, we strongly recommend you use this book as your guide, since we work closely with this method to give our patients approaches and options that are able to restore health.
Cancer is not a “battle” and you are not a battlefield; cancer is a derangement of your normal functioning, on nearly every level imaginable.
Learn what “Terrain Medicine” means and begin your personalized naturopathic approach with us today.