If you, or a family member, are searching for answers due to a cancer diagnosis, consider using our team to help you or your loved one navigate the firehose of information required in order to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your healing journey. We work with ALL stages of cancer, even terminal cases. We follow the most up-to-date, well documented naturopathic and metabolic-based protocols that either complement your conventional care or lead you out of a program that is failing you as your disease continues to progress. 

An initial 120-150 minute consultation delves into your life story to get a better understanding of you and your whole clinical picture. We discuss your specific cancer and how your past traumas, medical treatments, genetics/epigenetics, toxic exposures and diet have all contributed to creating a cancering process. We often refer to these various influences as they culminate in one person as the “terrain.” By terrain, we also mean your basic physiological processes and their interactions such as your energy, sleep, mental health, immune and digestive function …essentially what all makes you, you.

Once, we have gotten a thorough picture of your life story, we formulate a “Roadmap to Health” where we recommend supportive therapies, dietary and lifestyle changes tailored specifically to support your cancering terrain. We monitor your progress closely with frequent bloodwork to assess the effectiveness of our therapies and thus consistently and repeatedly update the comprehensive program to advise and guide you on prioritizing the steps along the way.

We strongly advise all patients read The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, by our esteemed colleague, Dr. Nasha Winters and her co-author, keto-smart nutritionist Jess Higgins-Kelley. We recommend this book be your motivator and scientific backdrop, since we work closely with this method to give our patients options that are able to restore health. Click here to read Dr. Winters’ introductory article on the metabolic approach to cancer to give you a preliminary understanding of how and why this approach would be utilized in your care.

We also offer a Physician-to-Physician consultation with Dr. Winters, who, as a Stage IV Cancer survivor, is one of the foremost experts in the field of naturopathic oncology. Prior to the consult, Dr. Winters thoroughly reviews your case history, path report and recent labs so that during this doc-to-doc conversation, she can advise on the critical information to increase chances of long-term survival, prevention of recurrences down the road and an improved quality of life.

Remember that Cancer is not a “battle” and you are not a battlefield; cancer is a derangement of your normal functioning on nearly every level imaginable.  From the vantage point of understanding how you got cancer, a terminal diagnosis can be reinterpreted as a GIFT to help you have a better life than you did before diagnosis.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming to most people and thus we are here to guide you through the various twists and turns of your healing journey with the clarity of healing knowledge and experience.  We hope that you will allow our team to assist you.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to call or schedule a time with a member of our team to answer your questions. 

If you would like more information on the doc-to-doc conversation with Dr. Winters click here. Information and Payment Policy for Dr. Nasha Winters Consults.