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Cancer Is Not a WAR & You Are Not a Battlefield!

     The greatest challenge we face as Metabolic-Terrain Practitioners is the same challenge the world as a whole faces: define the effective therapies to address cancer, based on the most recent science about the biology of cancer. Cancer is not a series of random genetic mutations without cause, but rather, it is a metabolic disease. This means it is driven by damages sustained in an individual’s energy pathways. Cancer is a multifactorial disease, meaning there are multiple causes even within the same cancer type.
     Every cancer arises out of a dysfunctional system. Thus, we address the cancer through addressing a broken field, not by looking for “anti-cancer” therapies, nor by approaches that ‘kill’ cancer cells. You are your cancer and your cancer is you. To approach cancer with the idea that one must kill it, is inclusive of therapeutics that are damaging to the biology of the individual.
     Therefore, our approach is not to ‘fight’ cancer, but to work with the manifestations of the various degrees of damage and dysfunction that lead to a cancer diagnosis. This is not an easy concept to grasp after centuries of practice following a notion that one must excise, poison, or irradiate the aberrant cells or tissues. Patients routinely believe they must do something ‘aggressive’ to kill the cancer, forgetting that it is their own body that has produced this disease. That same body is the life and well-being of the patient, and killing a cancer often results in killing the patient in the process.

Cancer is not a “war” and you are not a battlefield; cancer is a failing of your normal functioning, on nearly every level imaginable.

     If you or a family member has cancer, consider learning more about our approach to help you or your loved ones navigate the firehose of information required to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your healing journey. We follow the most up-to-date, well documented naturopathic and metabolic-based protocols. These protocols can be used together with your conventional care or lead you out of a program that is failing you as your disease continues to progress.
     Additionally, we advise all patients with chronic illness to read The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, by our esteemed colleague, Dr. Nasha Winters and her co-author, keto-smart nutritionist Jess Higgins-Kelley. If you currently have or ever had cancer, we strongly recommend this book as your guide, since we work closely with this method to give our patients options that are able to restore and maintain health.
     Learn more about what “Terrain Medicine” means and begin your personalized naturopathic approach with us today.

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