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Comprehensive Approach to Building Resiliency: Support for Viral Illness

Naturopathic Support for Viral Illness & Cytokine Storms

Naturopathic medicine has many suggestions for the ‘cytokine release syndrome’ or ‘cytokine storm’ driving the respiratory failure mentioned in our Microbes and the Terrain article. The release of these immunological molecules is the aberrant immunity on overdrive (again, related to the toxicants, but classical medicine rarely considers this). Autoimmunity, or self-directed immune assaults, didn’t exist prior to the plethora of dietary and allopathic assaults on the normal functioning immune system1. Cytokine storms are associated with autoimmunity and after reviewing hundreds of patients’ labs, we can verify that autoimmunity is an incredibly under-diagnosed phenomenon.

Any concerned patient, elderly or immunocompromised person can protect oneself by avoiding all that would resonate with a virulent pest: dirty hands, sugar, junk food,  excessive carbohydrates, and toxicants. High fiber diets, lots of vegetables, lots of microbial immune support are also supportive, as explained in our previous post. Finally, meditation, including centered, grounded, positive thinking prevents inflammatory responses, stress hormones, and beneficial impacts on immunity2.

In addition, naturopathic supports for cytokine storms can be employed. The following is a list of natural agents that modulate the release of cytokines. As most natural agents have a broad range of actions, many also have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, as well. 

I suggest focusing on the items that are on the below list, but switch your focus to this list if COVID-19-like symptoms begin. This is an attempt to help you avoid the need for a hospital visit, should you be at risk for lung involvement given the predicted shortage of ventilators needed to support such patients. Of course, this is not a suggestion for you to not proceed to the hospital should your breathing become labored or severely compromised.

Natural Supports to Mitigate Cytokine Release Syndrome:

Anti-inflammatory Botanicals (choose 1-2)

  • Liposomal Curcumin – 1 tsp, three times a day
  • CuraPro – 1 cap, three times a day
  • Clinical OPCs – 1 softgel, 2-3 times a day
  • BosPro – 1-2 caps, 2-3X a day
  • BCQ – 2-3 caps, twice a day
  • Black Seed Oil – 1 capsule, three times a day
  • CBD – As much and as often as tolerated
  • Cabbage Juice – 8-10 oz. of homemade fresh, organic juice!

Living in today’s world bombarded with toxicants, we can no longer make an assumption of health. Instead, we must reclaim our health through investigative and preventative testing. Undertaking thorough assessments, including comprehensive blood work (with alternate ranges from the references taken from the general, sick population) and other specialty testing that explores toxicant levels, molds, heavy metals, and pesticides can be this process. Likewise, reviewing unprocessed emotional trauma can yield an understanding that further promotes health. Looking more deeply into the relationships between emotional states and the manifestation of particular “infectious” diseases is also a very rich domain for comprehensive resiliency.

In summary, please consider that the “otherwise healthy” adults who are dying of the Coronavirus and other acute viral illnesses cannot be proved to truly be as healthy as they appear. This recognition can fortify us against capitulating to fear that this virus is somehow going to “get” just anyone. Those dying are not random; there is far more than meets the eye more going on here when we look, and such factors are all the things we look for in naturopathic medicine. Until you have a comprehensive review of your health, or “look under the hood” as Dr. Nasha Winters would call it, the assumption of health is false.

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