“Onwards to Keto” with Dr. Laura

The WHY, the WHAT and the HOW-to of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet!

The term “keto” has been thrown around quite often lately. Most people think it’s nothing more than a recent fad diet that will die off soon, like all the rest. Others see people dropping a ton of weight relatively quickly and think, “that can’t be healthy for you.”

There is a very small population of people who actually understand what a well-formulated ketogenic diet is, why and how it works, as well as how to do it properly. There is a significant amount of information out there as it becomes exhaustive trying to weed through to determine fact from fiction.

That is why Options Naturopathic decided to put together a 6-week “Onwards to Keto” program, for all of the curious people out there who are interested in learning more about this truly healing lifestyle, backed by history and scientific research.

Register for this 6-week deep dive in to the ketogenic diet where you will learn the history, the biological mechanisms, benefits, and the how-to’s of doing a WELL-FORMULATED ketogenic diet for even the busiest of people.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet is more than just a trendy weight loss diet; it is a way of understanding how your body can burn fuel in a way that is efficient, detoxifying, and correcting the terrain in which chronic diseases develop, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, heart disease, Parkinson’s, arthritis, IBD/IBS, dementia, and cancer.

Below, you can see that you have the option to purchase each class for $15, or you can purchase all 6 at a discounted rate of $75. For each of these 6 classes, Dr. Laura speaks on a specific Keto topic that will last approximately 30-45 minutes. She then hosts a 15 minute question & answer session for any needed clarifications on the information presented. For each week you will also receive vacation and restaurant guidelines as well as meal and snack recipes so simple a ten-year old can make them.

Wondering how you can sign up? All you have to do is add the classes you want to your cart, check-out, and wait for an email containing your unique link to the classes. It’s that simple!

Our goal, at Options Naturopathic, is to provide you with the necessary tools to incorporate this wholistic approach on your journey to true healing and wellness!