I am very happy to work with Dr. Erin. I believe she listens well, and is very caring. I believe she is very intelligent, has good ideas, and is not afraid to express them. My experience with Dr. Laura Cleg is also very very good. These two women helped me a great deal. Thank you!!!!
I would like to add how great it is to work with Julia Smith. She is a good listener and her help is extraordinary. She is an exceptional caregiver and her insight is producing wonderful results. Thank you Julia !!!

Cecilia Goin

Dr. Erin and her wisdom have been such a blessing to me. With no help from my family doctors and specialists, she offered me help. After a sudden reaction to gluten I lost muscle strength, the ability to lift my arms or legs, and most sensation. The doctors told me my illness was likely progressive, and that it was likely terminal but they wouldn’t listen to me when I asked about the food I ate. They told me that “food doesn’t do that” and sent me home with no plan or help. I called Dr. Erin in tears and she quickly helped me begin a protocol for healing. And I am getting better!

Rachel Ballard

Dr. Erin is thorough and truly takes a whole body approach towards healing. Over the last 15 years she has been instrumental in my health. She has taught me that prescription medication only masks illnesses and true healing begins at removing the the cause instead of masking the symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Erin and her practice of naturopathic medicine.

Steven Lycans

Dr Erin has helped me tremendously. With healing comes work. It’s important to stick to the diets and protocol if you want the most out of this. If you are investing the money you should have a mindset that invests in your health too! Skin is clear, anxiety is gone, the fear of depression coming back is gone. More energy, better connection to self, and I experience more gratitude and satisfaction in life everyday. She is knowledgeable and her heart is in the right place. Her attitude shows she’s worked very hard to establish the practice she has today. My life has changed for the better. I recommend her to all my friends who are ready to change their lives.

Gabbie Provencher

Dr. Erin and Dr. Laura are knowledgeable, professional, and truly intent on helping to identify and address health concerns. After years of seeking help from conventional practitioners to no avail Dr. Erin has me feeling noticeably better. The entire office is delightful to work with.

Kara Girvin

I would highly recommend Dr. Laura and Options Naturopathic Clinic staff! I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy and feel better knowing I am under the care and guidance of Dr. Laura’s medical expertise to optimize the health of my baby and me!

Heather Jennings