Quality Assurance

At Options Naturopathic Clinic, we are committed to supplying health products of absolute purity and integrity. Based on our research and a growing body of evidence, we know that many suppliers and manufacturers do not uphold our rigorous standards for purity, authenticity, composition, and consistency. The items available in our store reflect our commitment to a quality level that we impress upon our own suppliers and their manufacturing practices. Whether prescribing to patients or recommending to friends and family, we care deeply about the health implications of our suggestions, and therefore we will provide products free of contamination.

As more and more Americans seek natural supplements and homeopathics for better health, they must readily understand the notion of Quality Assurance (QA). More crucially, natural health care practitioners must be attuned to the problems in the current market for natural supplements. This section of our site is devoted to helping educate consumers about how and why they must pay attention to this issue. When it comes to your health please do not assume a product is not contaminated just because a company uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)!

Maintaining the Standard

We stand behind the quality and purity of the products we sell. A major concern for Dr. Erin and the Naturopathic community at large is that our treatments will be ineffective when the quality of prescribed supplements is compromised in the manufacturing process. FDA regulation and industry GMPs do not always cover the necessary ground to ensure that products on the shelf meet the stringent standards necessary for good Naturopathic treatment.

Cheap supplements often indicate contamination because it costs money to obtain pure, raw products and to test for solvents, bacteria, yeast, etc. All of us have some form of chemical or another (or even several, which is more likely) stored in our bodies. Taking supplements with unwanted chemicals in them can compound problems despite any improvement the product may give in the short-term. You should not assume that a low price is necessarily a bargain-know the source of your supplements!

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Featured here is one of our suppliers, and one of the most conscientious manufacturers in the natural supplement market. It is Vital Nutrients, founded by Rick Liva, RPh, ND. After discovering too many products that did not meet ‘label claim’ (i.e. a product that has less of an ingredient upon testing than what the label claims) or too many products that tested positive for any number of contaminants, Rick Liva decided to start a company himself in order to have supplements that were pure enough for his own standards and for his own health. He has become a leader in educating practitioners and naturopathic community overall about QA.

You can find links to many articles on QA, in addition to other research here.

We hope you will read this information and take the issue of purity seriously when it comes to buying products intended to improve your health.

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