How you address your day-to-day issues creates or degenerates your overall health. Our focus is to teach you and your family how to implement better practices so that your need for us becomes non-existent!

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Naturopathic medicine resolves complaints without deteriorating health in the process.

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We offer options to avoid toxic interventions such as antibiotics and steroids and we help you to understand why the time, effort and cost involved are all critical to correcting and preventing chronic issues.

It is widespread knowledge that the miracle cure of the 1940’s, penicillin, is today’s medical disaster. Antibiotic resistance occurs when our microbiota evolves to become smarter than the often over-used antibiotics. Overwhelming our pediatrician’s prescription pads and our agricultural practices, antibiotics are the opposite of that which gives us life: the microbiome. Still, the general public and the conventional medical world alike are not clear on what to do instead. This is our forte.

Severe, temporary and intense sickness is called acute illness and is always part of a healing process. We believe an individual launches an “OUTfection”, to eliminate; not an “INfection” to kill. We propose that it is not a germ that causes the body’s reaction, nor drives the severity of the response, but that it is actually the lack of a patients’ own immunity (Hummunity) to generate health that is the real problem. Hence, all of this talk and support for the terrain.

"Acute illness (sudden and severe illness) is, in some cases, a sign of vitality. If the body is vital enough to eliminate, then the drainage of the toxicity will appear as symptoms or an acute illness. A chronic illness, likewise, indicates an ongoing overload of toxicity and a poor capacity to get that toxicity out of the body."


We can take care of patients all ages!

Establish yourself and your family as a patient to learn our method of care and to trust we have your back when you get sick.


Patients will be provided with a comprehensive plan that contains the necessary lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and/or homeopathics needed for positive changes. You will also leave with a bloodwork requisition for your first follow up, which will allow us to take the guesswork out of any suggestions made for your unique self. We review all bloodwork with our Optimal Terrain reference ranges and with specific attention placed on the physiology and patterns of dysfunction. This gives us a more thorough picture than what the typical lab ranges and assessments reveal. Unlike the average lab reference ranges that differ with varying demographics, the terrain-centric, optimized ranges are universal, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and location. These ranges display what bloodwork should look like for a person in optimal health.

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