This consult is best suited for those with 

  • multiple concerns 
  • a family history of cancer
  • a desire for a deep dive into health & self

A consultation is required to establish care. 

Questions about our CONSULTATION FEES?
Our prices vary depending on both the complexity of your case, as well as which doctor you see.

Seeking Oncology Care?
For those with an active cancer OR a personal history of a cancer diagnosis, please see our a four-part onboarding process enabling success .
See our Pricing page for full details.

For additional information:


OR call 216.707.9137 and press Option 2 

Our providers determine what is needed to correct your health issues and prevent future concerns.

Patients are provided with lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, and homeopathics  supports needed for the alleviation of symptoms and positive change.

Bloodwork is ordered to confirm what your history reveals. Labs are evaluated with Optimal Terrain norms (vs. conventional ranges that only compare you to the sick, local population) and with attention placed on physiological patterns of dysfunction.