We are seeing the shift of knowledge about the gut microbiome with probiotic commercials about active bacterial cultures flooding the mainstream. Doctors routinely suggest probiotics alongside their antibiotics, but here are Options we are no longer only concerned with gut bacteria as the human microbiome extends far beyond the gastrointestinal tract. We must broaden our understanding of what these little buggers are really about and what they are really doing. In fact, ‘microbes’ are not only bacteria, but also includes the microscopic life forms that include fungi and DNA in the form of exosomal packets, commonly called viruses, or the ‘virome’.

We are referencing the relationship between our total human selves and the entirety of all the microbiota (all the microbes contained within us). Our overall physiology, health, mood, food cravings, and disease is generated, degenerated, and regenerated by the vitality of our microbiome.

This microcosm of microbes is a reflection of the macrocosm (or the entire human). When we destroy our microbes, do we not contribute to our own destruction? They are us, and we are them!

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Read on to learn about why it is so critically important to respect the minuscule life within you by avoiding anti-fever drugs and antibiotics.


“The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

-Antoine Bechamp

Microbes are a significant part of our lives and have been since the beginning of well, microbes! They are the beginning of life, directing life itself, and are part of all other life forms. They are biology, not just part of it. When we didn’t understand that they existed, medical hypothesizing reigned. Out of this, we developed hygienic practices and septic systems, changing the nature and views of acute illness the world over. Thus, Germ Theory of Disease and Terrain Theory of Disease were hypothesized and debated.

Options’ desire is to bridge both theories for a complete picture of health. Germ Theory of Disease took hold over medical practices and has had the world in its grip ever since. This has left little room for modern medicine to consider Terrain Theory of Disease, meaning our inner landscape is what makes us susceptible to becoming sick, not the microbe itself. Even Louis Pasteur, who discovered the germ and subsequently invented pasteurization, is purported to have said on his deathbed that his rival, Antoine Béchamp was correct, with the famous quote “The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything”.


We offer options to avoid toxic interventions such as antibiotics and steroids and we help you to understand why the time, effort and cost involved are all critical to correcting and preventing chronic issues.

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Naturopathic medicine resolves complaints without deteriorating health in the process.

"Acute illness (sudden and severe illness) is, in some cases, a sign of vitality. If the body is vital enough to eliminate, then the drainage of the toxicity will appear as symptoms or an acute illness. A chronic illness, likewise, indicates an ongoing overload of toxicity and a poor capacity to get that toxicity out of the body."


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