Going Within

Heartfulness consists of meditation on the heart & a practice using directed thought or will

to rejuvenate the whole system, called “Cleaning” –among many other techniques to support the 

expansion of human consciousness.



The Rejuvenation/Cleaning practice is especially useful with the presence of excessive 

thoughts, inability to settle and in individuals who cannot sleep. It helps to settle and prepare for

and allow a deeper meditation.

Find the Closest Trainer through HeartSpots

There are multiple avenues to get going with the Heartfulness

method of meditation.  Ideally, you meet with the local trainer

 and get connected to your community of fellow meditators.  


This HeartSpots link allows you to search the globe for the 

legion of practitioners who are designated volunteers to help

others learn this method.

"There's an App for that!" ...HeartsApp!

If you are not near a local trainer, you can use this app to connect to a LIVE

 Heartfulness trainer, 24 hours a day, 7- days a week, around the globe.  

There will be an actual Heartfulness trainer, standing by to meditate with you,

offering the Heartfulness method, with transmission, for 30-45 minute session. 

All at no cost.  How does that work? no cost? What’s the kicker? 

The kicker is, it’s the real deal, you cannot sell spirituality!

Download the Basic Practices

Here is a Quickguide to :

  • Heartfulness Relaxation
  • Heartfulness Meditation
  • Heartfulness Cleaning
  • Bedtime Meditation

EveryOne Meditates

This group is for everyone who feels that our planet

may be infinitely better with meditation. It is a friendly 

space for sharing insights, observations, experiences, 

teaching, asking questions and learning about self-

development and meditation. We welcome uplifting 

stories, good news, innovative information and 

inspired ideas to help bring about a kinder world.



There are also regular LIVE group meditations to join.

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