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Home Management of Acute Fever

A fever is one of the first elements of immune defense. When an individual has a fever, he is triggering his immune defense. So a fever is not a disease, but an indication that the individual is defending himself. If the child is under 7 years old when the fever appears, he is building his immune system; that fever is part of the non-specific immune defense. Always respect fevers. Try to give homeopathic remedies as soon as possible after it begins so it does not have time to develop into a more specific illness. The French homeopaths used to say that a fever represented the mobilization of the army before the body even knew what was attacking it or who the enemy was.

With the appropriate homeopathic remedies, most fevers can be managed at home with a little directiveb support when necessary. The critical action is to stay well hydrated. Small children will lose water more rapidly and this should be taken into consideration when encouraging the intake of liquids. Always use Unda #2 and Unda #15 whenever fever is present; this includes situations where normal body temperatures run low. For example, although an official ‘fever’ (temperature above 99.6F) may not be present, if one feels chilled, it is as if the body is trying to mount a fever, and thus should be
treated as such.

Use the following remedies, according to the following indications, to accompany and help to control fevers.

Always accompany with: Unda’s #2
and #15
+ #37 for infection
OR #710 for sinus infection OR #44 for urinary tract infection
Ferrum Phos 
Merc sol 
Potencies to use: 5C, 6C, 7C or 9C, 30K or 200K. (30K=5C)
30C is too HIGH for acute, repeated dosing despite habits of most American homeopaths


37.5-38.5 99.5-101.3 Favors Bacterial Growth Very inefficient fever, Poor immunity
38.5-39.5 101.3-103.1 Favors Bacterial Growth; Bacteriostatic (stops bacteria but does not kill he bacteria) Minimally effective, a sign of progress in immune function from a lower grade fever.
39.5-40.5 103.1-104.9 Bateriolytic (knocks out and kills the bacteria) IDEAL FEVER TEMPERATURE
40.5 and up 104.9 and up ‘Toxic fever’ VERY unusual Cytolytic (causes cellular death) FEVERS RARELY go above 41.5C/105F. Cool in lukewarm water or with damp, cool cloth if Temp exceeds 41.5 C/104.9F.

Symptoms of mild dehydration include:

  • Increased thirst
  • A dry mouth and sticky saliva
  • Decreased urine output with dark yellow urine.

MATERIA MEDICA FOR FEVERS: What remedy to use?


Aconite Sudden or brutal fevers without perspiration and which came with a sudden draft or exposure to cold. PALE face. HIGH THIRST. HIGH FEVER Give every 15-30 minutes.

Belladonna Sweating, is red in the face and it has really beaten them down. They are semi-comatose. Skin radiates heat. Belladonna is most commonly required remedy for fevers. Controls very high fevers, above 105F, even. It arrives less fast than the fever due to Aconite. It is also a protector of the brain, the meninges, protecting against febrile convulsions. It will also make the fever efficient, making the symptoms ripen more quickly. Give every 15-30

Apis Violent, sudden brutal fevers with pains radiating throughout the body so that the patient whimpers because every time they move, it hurts so much. NO THIRST. May alternate with Bryonia every 15 minutes or add 5 pellets of each to a baby bottle and give a sip every 15 minutes. If under 2 years old, add 15 drops of #2 and #15 in the bottle. If the baby is over 2 y.o., give 25-30 drops of each. Give a nice shake with each sip.


Gelsemium NO THIRST. Gels fever starts slow, as if it wanted to start, but isn’t getting there. Hovers at 101F for several days as the body prepares for an infection, inflammation, an ear infection, a bronchitis. For head colds. Groggy, can’t think, can’t respond. Shivering.

Mercurius Solubis – Specific to STREPTOCOCCAL infections. Unhealthy sweating, especially at night, that does not alleviate the fever. Coating on tongue, bad breath, hyper-salivation and swollen glands in the neck.

Ferrum Phos Slow, quiet onset of a fever. Excellent for early stage of ear infections, since these are slowly, simmering infections. Bronchitis and pneumonias, Use with Capsicum in acute ear infections with pain. Can mix in the bottle altogether with #710.


Camphora Beginning of a viral syndrome. Brutal weakness. A fever associated with intense cold.

Eupatorium is for the symptoms of the flu that appear all of a sudden, in a few minutes. with a fever associated with intense cold. May show a fever of 103F, but feels icy cold. Greeny gray color. Feels all cramped up, with muscle aches characteristic of a viral illness.


Pyrogenium -Prevents septicemia. For fevers that have gone for days and are not headed for recovery. 7CH 3 granules morning and night for a few days. Add Unda #37 to #2, 15.

Bacillinum – the terminator of a persistent fever.

Arsenicum album -Septicemia, exhaustion. But one should not be given repeatedly since it is a metalloid. Give it once, then watch what happens.


Arnica is a great remedy following a viral infection, or one that drags on and on and on and we are exhausted. Feeling ill that drags on for weeks. Use with Unda #76 and 212 to help the body recuperate the energy. Also for the adrenals. A nervous and adrenal stimulator.

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