Erin Holston Singh, N.D., naturopathic doctor, came to Ohio in 1999 to pioneer a new era of natural medicine. As the first naturopathic doctor* with training at an accredited naturopathic school National University of Natural Medicine or (NUNM) to settle in Ohio, she ushered in a new paradigm to the region.

This paradigm consists of the fundamental naturopathic philosophy, which states that the body inherently knows how to heal itself, if the obstacles to that healing process are removed. This website serves as an entrance into this model of thinking: that health and wellness are about normalizing physiology; that health is obtained by reversing those trends that suppressed acute illnesses and resulted in chronic disease. This fundamental concept is at the core of my approach, and is what is unfortunately tragically misunderstood by conventional medical approaches: if you knock out the body’s healing response (which usually presents as an acute illness), then you just create a chronic problem.

As a naturopathic doctor, pathology and disease is not my focus. Diagnoses are not important because naturopathic doctors do not treat disease, we optimize health, we improve physiological functioning, and we educate people on how to create wellness.

Please enjoy these pages to learn more about this approach. There is information about how to set up a consultation with me, as well a store, where you can receive free shipping on the products that I’ve found to be most beneficial in regaining health.


* Ohio has been notoriously unfriendly to naturopathic doctors, with no licensing law and insistence that we not refer to ourselves as doctors, despite our degree. Many who moved here left the state after investigations by the Ohio Medical Board. All naturopathic doctors currently in Ohio carry a license from a state other than Ohio that does recognize naturopathic physicians. Erin’s license is from the state of Vermont. The Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association (OHNDA) is currently pursuing licensure when they recently introduced a bill in the legislature in Jan 2018.

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