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Homeopathic Drainage

Biotherapeutic Drainage is the therapeutic use of homeopathics, botanicals or trace minerals to facilitate the elimination of toxins out of the body. Often the term is shortened to ‘drainage’ for simplicity, or to imply what is needed from a therapeutic perspective: directed detoxification to the whole system or to specific organs or tissues.

The following articles can be used to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this concept and other uncommonly used terms to describe our approach.

History and Definition of Drainage

Both complementary and orthodox medical fields consider toxicity to be a detriment to health. Complementary health practitioners consistently put more emphasis on this notion of a toxic accumulation within the person in almost all their treatments. [Read More…]

Toxicity and Drainage

Why do we get sick? One explanation is associated with the notion of ‘toxicity’. Synthetic chemicals in the environment and food are major risk factors in various degenerative diseases, including cancer and premature aging. [Read More…]

Biotherapeutic Drainage and the Unda Numbers

Many of you that have visited my office have experienced the process of biotherapeutic drainage using the UNDA numbered compounds and other homeopathic remedies. [Read More…]

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