by Dr. Erin Holston Singh

A revised view of human health in the context of the microbiome and development


Having first uncovered little beings we call ‘bacteria’ outside of us, we erroneously think of our ‘microbiota’ as something separate from ourselves. When such microbes were discovered on us, and subsequently, inside of us, alongside a simultaneous disease process, these ‘germs’ were assumed to be the cause. Yet, we are stepping into the reality that all life on the whole planet is one biology. Just as Earth is a continuum with the cosmos, the human is a continuum of the environment, and these miniscule life forms, or bionts, are a continuum with all the distinct life forms such as humans, mammals, invertebrates, etc.  


I believe we need to consider a more expansive way of understanding our environment: that biology has a capacity to shift from higher and lower forms which is not always unidirectional, such as in the flow of evolution. Perhaps we can cycle up and down, as needed, to perform various tasks to maintain health and respond to various levels of conscious sentience.


The discovery of the symbiotic microbiota, or the totality of the microbiome within us, without any associated pathology, has not been entirely reconciled to germ theory. Hummunity is an attempt at such a reconciliation. I define hummunity as the ‘bi-directional transmutation of microbe-to-human & human-to-microbe due to consciousness & development’. Hummunity is the degree to which a person’s developmental and medical history shows that they have a level of optimal human-ness with respect to their biology and immune function. Hummunity IS parallel to immune function, but in a fashion that respects that humans are but one type of ordered, structured, and coherent consciousness in biology, ultimately a complete being assembled from “lower” life forms that are generally thought of as the microbiome. 


I propose we use the concept of Hummunity to avoid dualism and war analogies and the implication that we need a defense against the other. This word denotes that to be in full health is the equivalent of having the highest state of awareness and coherence of consciousness in biology. (Is this not our ultimate goal as human beings?). Likewise, there could be canin-munity, and felin-munity, or any other creature on the planet, all resonating with the levels of consciousness reflected by that creature.


Having excellent Hummunity means that you are fully YOU, the being that you are meant to be, fully matured with a developmental history that was supported and respected at every step. Hummunity means not holding excessively toxic forms of biological waste, appearing in the form of ‘pathogenic bacteria’ mistakenly believed to have entered from the outside. In contrast, autoimmunity is not having developed a clear sense of boundaries, or sense of self, having been repeatedly violated during the developmental period, that allows a confusion between self and other.  

Generally, in Terrain medicine, we recognize that withholding toxins drives one’s terrain to shift to a ‘pathogen-associated’ microbiome. This understanding is in line with these microscopic biological forms being endogenously created or created within you, signaling a distinct reparative process-they are there to HEAL you, but they are not the creator of your condition!

These microbe-sized forms are truly part of the human, and have a distinct purpose: they exude the waste, channeling it to the exterior. Such microbiome patterns become maintained when the task is incomplete, blocked due to suppression, or interruption from drugs, and other issues that interrupt the exteriorization of these waste products. Pathogen-associated microbes” will always be found when antibiotics and other disruptive medications are repeatedly used, broken gastrointestinal tracts result and when there is chronic exposure to organic chemicals or heavy metals. In order to move to a truly more wholistic understanding, we have to stop being so short-sighted to not even try to understand the result of such realities in clinical settings, particularly if we are to gain any true progress in chronic illness and especially, cancer.

To have Hummunity is to have the capacity to shift into optimal form, and discharge through the various exit points of the body all that is no longer needed.  We are not discharging microbes, as much as we are discharging the waste of life forms that compose part of the spectrum of life, or that miniscule biological form naturally existing within the healthy human as the foundation of the human, as the foundation of all of life. We think of ourselves as having a microbiome, but I contend that you ARE the microbiome.

What we think of as the microbiome is really a variation of our smallest cells. If this is not the reality, where does this separation into human vs. into microbial life occur? We know the gastrointestinal tract is lined with various forms, or ‘species’, some of which are associated with intestinal function and health, but now the research on the microbiome has found microbes in every crevice, in every nook and cranny of our human biology. There are microbes in the nervous system, microbes in the circulatory system, even microbes in our wombs, once thought to be sterile. 

The less the overall organism is capable of transmuting these forms into the coherence of the optimal human structure, the more likely there will be a disease process as a result. The liver, spleen and lymph nodes are largely responsible for these reconfigurations, but it is generally described in war analogies, with the ‘killing’, or ‘lysis’, of the cell wall and digestion by phagocytes among other mechanisms. I propose we revisit this and think of it as a shift of biological forms into our own higher coherence and move to an evolved verbiage and language that exemplifies such an integrated orientation. 

We think of the microbiome as something separate from us because we discovered these little beings that we assumed were germs when all life on the whole planet is one biology. We think of microbes as something separate, when they are really not; they are part of us. It’s a matter of shifting into being human versus regressing into a lower form, a toxic form, a disease-associated form that is created by withholding toxic feelings, emotions, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and so on. Dissociation occurs with every antibiotic dose, every time we stop our sentient forms discharging what is no longer needed, thus damaging the tissue. Orthodox medicine assumes the antibiotics kill only dangerous, separate microbes, but the reality is that we are knocking out the supportive biological processes required in rebuilding our being, our humanness, by bionts, the core life form of the planet.

Hence, Hummunity intentionally steps away from the concept of our immune system fending off, or fighting, moving to a nurturing of natural processes. -discharging that which is not ‘ME’. 

Just as the microbes assembled themselves from prokaryotes to eukaryotes and onward and upward to become something new, perhaps humans are ultimately aiming for the same level of increased complexity and coherence in order to align our consciousness with something even higher, enabling the evolution of consciousness itself. Hummunity is the process of becoming as human as our biological form can possibly become, to move on, expand and raise awareness.

What we think of as our ‘immune system’ is really our capacity to remove what isn’t ‘me’, what isn’t my human self. When one has so-called good ‘immune function’, one is fully human, shifting all biology into coherent, functional, coordinated human biology, as a receiver of consciousness. I believe this should be called Hummunity because as a person understands this wholistic view, and stops suppressing eliminations, this is how the human biological function becomes optimal.


Consider a person who’s dying of sepsis, we must review the history of the individual. How did this person get here? Largely, a person who gets sepsis is someone who has had repeated courses of suppressive therapies, antibiotics, and steroids, alongside other mitochondrial toxins, drugs and chronic issues rampant throughout their history. Perhaps they entered this world with a host of other issues their parents had before they were even conceived. These effects are present intergenerationally, wherein the damage to the hummune system is transported through the reproductive process, to the offspring. Likewise, a person with sepsis may have diabetes, or metabolic disturbances. Even though all of the components that slowly kill a person over time are already present, there is rarely a consideration in the conventional diagnostics and history taking process for such nuanced information. The anti-inflammatory and powerfully suppressive capacity of an antibiotic can stop the systemic discharge, denying the satisfied physician with the awareness that it is yet another suppressive allopathic approach. And understandably so, when IV antibiotics interrupt toxic, discordant microbes from overtaking the system; with the patient being overrun with disassociated life forms, disassembling the human form and approaching death, antibiotics appear as the only suitable medical intervention to prevent death! But is this so? Who has ever tested this assumption with another approach? 


For sure, countless eclectic, terrain-centric and wholistic practitioners throughout time have worked in other methods. I, myself have supported patients with recurrent and unrelenting issues such as Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (MRSA), cellulitis, strep and other serious conditions without ever prescribing an antibiotic. Of course, opposing the swift death by an acute overload of disordered life can be miraculous, but what if an individual was assisted to complete the process, instead? Completing the process by completing the eliminations, enabling the clearance of historic discharges that had never been able to be completed before from too many previous antibiotic courses, too many suppressions. 

I suspect that the various natural medicines, herbs, homeopathics and Vis-stimulating remedies do: support the coherent shift into higher human form and promote the expulsion of the old aspects of the person. As such, there are no “antimicrobial” and “antiviral” herbs, this is just green allopathic languaging of what was not previously understood. It is all just a shift into- and out of- the varying types and complexities of biological form.

A person would have never developed sepsis if their medical doctors hadn’t been killing them slowly along the way, denying the opportunity to remove that which is not them, or, in other words the end result of an acute illness when approached with natural medicine. Such a process allows a completion of developmental Hummunity and the promotion of longevity. Every time an acute illness is treated with antibiotics thus begins the launch of a process leading to chronic illness. Continuing this trajectory of killing the microbiome, or the fundamental biont-ian life forms, contributes to a gradual march toward premature death. 


Thus, when we have a short-term, inflammatory process that we call ‘acute illness’, with the body throwing off mucus, discharge, and various yellow-green spectrums that we interpret as ‘infection’ we are simply clearing old neural pathways and debris from what we converted into our higher human selves, but which our eliminatory systems could not fully manage. Some more aptly call this ‘outfection’. When there is yellow or green mucus the process is considered ‘bacterial’, versus when there’s no color to the mucus and we call it viral. That yellow-green mucus is really just the old part of you, the metabolic waste of the smaller life forms that are serving your higher form by reconstructing you and eliminating all that needs to move to the exterior, the environment of your self-organizing, conscious form.


Shifts in immunology and medical practice have leading university hospitals avoiding antibiotics for initial ear infections. Whether this is due to a simple observation that the child can not only clear the ‘infection’ without any intervention, but hopefully also due to an awareness that this preservation of the microbiome prevents repeated acute illness. If only these institutions would reconcile Germ theory with the concept of the terrain with full vigor.


Let me share a personal example. Having foolishly sled down a treacherous hill with my six-year-old daughter, who was wisely too hesitant to go it alone, I whacked my head on an energetic center at the back of the head. Given the significance of this spot in my spiritual practice, I was able to take this terrifying blow to the skull as a gift. Rather than moving into the fear and shock of trauma, anticipating the pain that was likely to follow, I had the fortitude to jump right into thoughts that enabled a corrective path. I took a hefty dose of Earthspeak, our full spectrum hemp extract (also used for brain injuries!), and used my thought and intention to support the correction of the tissues. Confidently thinking “all this trauma is moving out of my brain”, my attitude as I went to bed was to approach this incident with corrective thoughts as I was sleeping, allowing the cells to rearrange and heal. Almost like a cranialsacral session on myself with my thoughts. As I entered a state of light sleep I went with this awareness, accepting the state and lack of deep sleep, observing my body’s response to my ‘correct thinking’. I could hear and feel the structure of my head shifting and rearranging. There were many ‘micro jerks’, clicks and sensations of small movements in the brain that are not unfamiliar to me.


In the morning, the evidence that something had been effected came as I blew multiple green clumps out of my nose. I recognized these discharges as the traumatized residue of my now healed brain tissue. Unlike many of my patients, it is not a daily occurrence for me to have green discharge out of my nose; I am not someone who has the chronic crud…unless something like that happens. Such as when six months prior, I had another minor head injury on a slip and slide (read: daughter’s knee to mama’s face!). At that time, there was a lot more fear, shock, and mental upset about my face and what swelling might happen. Hence, I hadn’t gotten into the acceptance and mental healing as quickly, and therefore suffered more. Still, similar phenomena ensued: →homeopathics→hands on healing→mental ‘cooperation’ to release trauma→full spectrum hemp→audible shifts in the head→boogers. This intrapersonal evolution is the development of my own hummunity.

In fact, there have been countless times I have had some clear shifts sensed in the brain area, often with various thoughts and realizations, or during meditations or what we often call ‘downloads’, all leading to a shift in awareness, consciousness, followed by green nasal discharge. Sinuses are the discharge system for the brain. And when you build a new neural pathway, or you heal something, your small life forms, your bionts, are going to move the garbage out of the building, draining the old you away. 

As humanity raises awareness, shifting our orientation to a unity consciousness, it is my hope that we begin to see ourselves as contiguous with our environment, the ultimate terrain, that determines who and what we are and thus stop thinking we need to fear the outside world, the other, the dirt, the germ.

Erin Holston Singh, N.D.
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