Boosting You & and your Child’s Immunity

Every fall parents have to wonder and worry which myriad of germs their child will encounter as they head off to school. In recent years there has been a special fervor of paranoia with the various swine flu, bird flu [Read More…]

Home Management of Acute Fever

A fever is one of the first elements of immune defense. When an individual has a fever, he is triggering his immune defense. So a fever is not a disease, but an indication that the individual is defending himself. [Read More…]


As one of the main components of Nature Cure, hydrotherapy refers to the external therapies that utilize water and sometimes other natural substances
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Worried about Influenza? This topic has rightfully attracted a lot of media and public attention. I would like to share my perspective about this topic with you.
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What to Do in Case of Acute Illness

Should you develop an acute illness, you can refer to the chart of Unda Drainage Compounds on the back of this page. These compounds can be used with single homeopathic remedies you may choose for
specific symptoms [Read More…]


We suggest that you do as much as possible to prepare for the oncoming cold and flu season. Flu vaccinations are not a safe, viable or even effective solution to cold and flu prevention.
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