There is a lot of incorrect information online about the ketogenic diet. “Don’t believe the hype!” Please read from ‘approved’ sources only to confirm you are not getting incorrect information. Some authors to watch out for are Winters, Kelley, Kalamian, Moore, Gannett, Emmerich, Kemp and Daly.

1. Printed Resources to help you!

  • 21 Day Sugar Detox Diane Sanfilippio
  • Getting Started on a Ketogenic Diet by Miriam Kalamian
  • Keto For Cancer by Miriam Kalamian
  • Ketogenic Kitchen by Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly
  • Fight Cancer With a Ketogenic Diet by Ellen Davis
  • Maria Emmerich’s cookbooks: The Art of Healthy Living, …Eating and others!
  • Jimmy Moore’s blog and books

2. ANY animal protein MUST organic, and grass fed/finished if beef/dairy. If a cow eats corn or grains it is pro-inflammatory and this inflammation can reflect in lab work.

3. Macronutrients should be 5% Carbohydrates / 10% Protein / 85% FAT

4. Test blood ketones and glucose with a Keto-mojo blood monitor for lowest cost replacement strips. TEST upon waking, before dinner or 4 hours after a meal or exercise to see the impact of that food/activity. Once in ketosis, you should be able to check anytime and still be in ketosis, which means:

  • Nutritional ketosis is .5-2mmol/L.  A good start!
  • Therapeutic ketosis, is 2-4mmol/L.  The goal for chronically ill and/or cancer patients.

5. Consider hiring a Nutritionist to Support you:

Stage I & II Cancer Patients, autoimmune patients:

Stage II, IV and recurrent Cancer patients:

Favorite Videos and Resources to learn about how to BIOHACK.

Understand why a plant-based, Ketogenic Diet is ideal and more learnings!

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