We find patients commonly believe they are “healthy”…until they discover they are not! There is truly no way to know if you have a pre-existing condition without a thorough review of objective bloodwork. Thus we offer a…

“Check Under the Hood” –Basic Bloodwork Review

During this visit, the doctor will review your most recent labs, assess those results with our Optimal Terrain reference ranges, and determine what support you may need to correct your health issues or prevent any future concerns. Similar to our initial visit, patients will be provided with a comprehensive plan of the necessary lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and/or homeopathics needed for positive changes.

A bloodwork review with Optimal Terrain reference ranges, and attention to physiology and patterns of dysfunction, a more thorough picture becomes apparent than what the typical lab ranges and assessments reveal. Unlike the lab reference ranges that differ with varying labs, the terrain-centric, optimized ranges are universal regardless of gender, ethnicity, and location, displaying what bloodwork would look in optimal health. 

By utilizing the terrain reference range, our naturopathic doctors are able to identify the patterns of “diseased terrain” before a disease process sets in and work with patients to correct these patterns by addressing the root causes seen through your bloodwork and health history. In this capacity, we are able to work proactively rather than reactively and provide truly prevention-based health care.

For those individuals who have lab results older than 6 months, we encourage you to request one of our “Terrain Panels” to have drawn so the doctor can assess your most updated bloodwork. We also offer a discounted lab service for cash pay for those patients who do not have insurance. See below for further information*. 

Appointments are available as early as (1) week after lab tests are drawn and can be reviewed in-office, by phone, or virtually via doxy.me, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Chat.

Choose your Labs from these options:

Immune Basic Panel 

Best for patients who do not have any health complaints and want a screening check up. This panel includes: CBC + CMP + Ferritin + Homocysteine + Vitamin D


Typical Visit Time:

30-45 minutes


Cash pay lab price: $63.83


*If you have recent labs, those can be used, or labs ordered & covered by insurance.





Metabolic Basic Panel  

Best for patients who have a personal or family history of heart, blood sugar, blood pressure, or other metabolic issues. CBC + CMP + Insulin + IGF-1 + Hemoglobin A1c + Uric Acid + Lipid Panel. 



Typical Visit Time:

60 minutes


Cash pay lab price: $105.18

Immune Expanded Panel 

Best for patients who have had some health concerns in the past but have not been check in over 6 months OR for those patients who want a more in-depth screening check-up. ANA Screening + CBC + CEA + Ceruloplasmin + CMP + Copper + Ferritin + Homocysteine + Thyroid Panel + Vitamin D Levels


Typical Visit Time:

60-90 minutes


Cash pay lab price: $228.28

Comprehensive Panel is best for patients who have a personal or family history of cancer including “precancerous” diagnoses OR for those patients who have had a serious chronic condition.  ANA screening + CRP + CBC + CEA + Ceruloplasmin + CMP + Copper + Ferritin + GGT + Galectin 3 + Hemoglobin A1c + Homocysteine + IGF + Insulin + LD Isoenzymes/LDH + Lipid Panel + ESR + Thyroid Panel + Uric Acid + VEGF + Vitamin D Levels


Typical Visit Time:

60-90 minutes**


Cash pay lab price:  $558.34

Other posible add-on lab tests include: Lipids, IGF-1, CBC, CMP, Thyroid Panel, Anti-thyroid antibodies, Anti-nuclear antibodies, and cancer markers. Please email oncservice@gmail.com for pricing.

**PLEASE NOTE: The ‘Visit Time’ is determined by the complexity of the patient, per our fee structure.