‘Magic’ or Warming Socks



  • Cotton socks (ankle-to-shin in height, not knee-hi socks)
  • Wool socks sized for the recipient (if no wool socks available, use wool mittens)
  • Warm feet!

How to do the Magic Sock Treatment:

  • Make sure your feet are WARM! Do not attempt this treatment if you, or your child’s, toes or feet are cold! Warm feet with a hot bath, shower or foot bath, as necessary.
  • Run a pair of cotton socks under cold water, wetting them thoroughly. Wring the socks out so that they are still quite damp, but not dripping wet.
  • Making sure your feet are still warm, put the cold wet socks on and immediately put the wool socks over them and get into bed. Go to sleep!

The socks will dry overnight as the body brings warm, fresh blood to the feet. Magic socks can be used nightly when any concern exists about the onset of an acute infection or illness and with any ongoing insomnia.