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Recall Healing Workshop-Don’t miss it!
Dr. Erin’s new Baby!
Dr. Laura’s visit
A friendly reminder that the Recall Healing Level ONE Workshop is THIS WEEKEND, March 13-15th
Friday 6:30-9:30, Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 9-5
The weekend course and a 150-page course book is $350
This is a unique opportunity to learn about a method of healing that one can use for oneself, as well as for others. The course is called a “workshop” because there are plenty of opportunities for personal introspection and self-application. It is appropriate for lay persons, as well as health and mental health professionals alike, aiming for broader applications in their professional work. For an introduction to Recall Healing, please view this video of Gilbert Renaud, the course’s teacher, explaining the method. This is Gilbert’s first trip to Cleveland, and I hope to generate enough interest to bring him back for more expanded courses in the future. Thank you for your interest and support!
In more personal news, I (Dr. Erin) would like to announce the birth of my precious daughter, Emmy Rose at home on February 19th. (photo below).
Emmy Rose Singh
Born : Feb 19th, 2015 (our 9th spiritual wedding anniversary and Sanjay’s
parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!)
Weight: 8 lb. 5 oz.
Length: 21 in.
Thanks to Rosie Messina & Colleen Kennedy-Schroeder of Circle of Life Birth Services for their AMAZING support and care. I would like to draw attention to the safety of home birth, which most are not aware is actually statistically safer than hospital birth at this point in history. This is primarily due to the high frequency of a multitude of interventions in U.S. obstetrical culture which only increase the chance of Cesarean delivery and complications. A dear friend and support who had never before witnessed a birth (let alone a home birth!) helped me tremendously during my labor after I insisted she read Ina May’s (Gaskin)
Guide to Childbirth. A few hours after her amazing experience with the birth and observing my midwives in action, she came right up to my face and exclaimed, “I don’t know why anyone has a baby in the hospital.” Of course not all woman have the opportunity to birth in the comfort of their own home for multiple reasons, but I encourage all women who are interested in having children to educate yourselves about the possibilities for you. Ask me for a reading list if you are considering natural childbirth!
Finally, please welcome Dr. Laura back to Cleveland. She will be here for her first visit during my maternity leave March 12th-16th. Most appointments for this visit are taken, but call Fannie if you are interested in case of cancellations. Her next visit is April 23 and 24th. Be sure to schedule early, as that visit’s appointment slots are also filling up. A reminder that she is also available for phone consults while Dr. Erin is out for her maternity leave.
Drs. Erin and Laura & Fannie!
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“What does not come back to our awareness, comes back as destiny.” -Carl Jung