"After over two decades of practice, I believe a more apt professional title for who I am and what I am doing is “Metaphysician”. Why? Because once I delve into a patient’s fundamental issues, metaphysics is a better description of what we are contending with: the nature of BEING, making meaning of symptoms, development of the Self. 

This portion of Options’ website is meant to be an introduction to the content and concepts that assists both ourselves and our clientele in opening to the unknown-or that which reductionist science is incapable of showing us. It is the necessary ground from which we begin a journey of learning and introspection that facilitates true understanding and change. Evolution."

As we are born into the endless scenarios of family drama, various contexts, and traumas, we undergo a series of experiences and emotional conditions that we find ourselves unraveling over the course of our lives. This unraveling is the work of healing, a process we are all in, whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, whether we like it or not. This is the human condition. This is the human experience. Metaphysics is the medicinal art of understanding oneself in the context of the universe.

Through Dr. Erin’s work with Heartfulness meditation, and then Gestalt, and eventually German New Medicine, she came to understand the inseparable connection between mind and body, heart and mind, existence and feeling. The subjectivity of our relationship with ourselves, which is so readily disregarded in Classical Western medicine, is precisely what she is continually speaking about. Here, at Options, we willingly, consciously and intentionally step into this space of subjectivity, meaning that what arises out of a person’s unique perception and experience is what is needed. Rather than disposing of what is subjective, we believe that it is precisely this that leads us to the answers. 

As a practitioner, she first does this for her patient, but the end-goal is to ultimately teach the patient to do this for herself. Once an individual has opened to listening to her Inner Being, the path to Purpose can no longer be ignored. This is the service we provide, teaching individuals to understand themselves so that they heed the calling of his or her existence.


A simple daily practice that changes everything.

Heartfulness consists of meditation on the heart  and techniques using directed thought, or will, to purify the whole system.

One of our clinic’s favorite Heartfulness techniques is called “Cleaning” – where one visualizes all complexities leaving their body in the form of vapor and purity returning to every cell. The “Rejuvenation” meditation practice is especially useful with the presence of excessive thoughts, inability to settle and in individuals who cannot sleep. It helps to settle and prepare for and allow a deeper meditation.

These are just two among many other Heartfulness meditation techniques to support overall peace of mind, body, and spirit.

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The Heartfulness app is a great tool to access tailored meditation techniques, journaling, events, and connecting with a trainer for live meditation as needed.


Awaken your life energy & open the pineal

When Dr. Erin worked with a shaman and had a profound awakening, it lead to a collated understanding of all of the tools that have been presented to her over the 30+ years she has been studying natural medicine. Out of this, a healing technique unfolded that she calls Torus Flow Therapy.

If this name doesn’t make any sense to you, let’s call it an energetic program to awaken the LIFE FORCE energy. All matter can be reduced to the vibrations of the electrons, protons, and neutrons, and ultimately the vibration of these particles. While it’s a stretch of the imagination to understand this, science is there to back up these concepts, irrespective of our capacity to conceive of these truths or not.





Here at Options Naturopathic we did the legwork to provide the highest quality hemp products to address your needs.


Given hemp has been part of both human and animal diets for millennia, we have a deep biological association with this plant and its particularly unique class of compounds. In fact, we have a system of receptors that are primed by the alkaloids in hemp, and work better when regularly exposed to them. Known as the ‘endocannabinoid’ system, humans have developed a very deep relationship through this chemical communication system with hemp, in that we can actually produce Cannabis-like molecules in our own bodies. Likewise, we have significant benefits when we ingest the molecules from the plants. Particularly the bones and the nervous system. So much for the ‘This is your brain on drugs’ propaganda.



At Options, we chose a special farm growing a single, strong genetic strain (Suver haze) of hemp to launch our first brand: Divine Influence with “EarthSpeak” as the inaugural product. Selected from the untouched land of a farm in Wisconsin, the plants are grown to mitigate as much stress as possible, ensuring a less than 0.3% THC content. This unadulterated clean extract is one of the most potent phytocannabinoids on the market, with 43mg of total phytocannabinoids per 0.5mL. This means you should need far less of EarthSpeak to have a comparable dose of CBD from other products.

"What is so powerful is the ability of this remedy to allow me to listen to my inner Being. I take better care of myself when using it, and instead of a frenetic neurosis, I find a heart-centered, loving openness that makes me a better doctor, co-worker, wife, parent and friend."

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