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Microbes and the Terrain

Special Commentary on COVID-19

& What you can DO today to protect yourself and your family

Dr. Erin

The particle beam from the largest and oldest black whole ever measured is hitting the earth right NOW[1]. To me, this is no coincidence with the current events of our little world called Earth. Perhaps for the first time ever, there is a simultaneous global awareness that is sending every individual down a path of reflection and action. Drastic measures to stop the transmission of a highly virulent, recently discovered virus, has led to cancellation of schools all across the country, travel bans, and empty airports; we’ve seen nothing like this since 9/11. Is it the right thing to do? I don’t think anyone can argue a case otherwise with evidence of social distancing flatlining new cases in Hubei, China and Italy.

I recognize there are two ends of the spectrum in reactions to this self-quarantining/social distancing request: those who succumb to the fear and those who may flippantly disregard the restrictions. I hope to help all find balance and do what is right for each, and I hope it is also a time to allow for greater awareness.

I’ve been reflecting on what is rarely mentioned in these types of pandemics: critically important determinants of host immunity aside from age and obvious immunosuppression. Namely, why do seemingly healthy adults die in such pandemics? Where is the line between virulence of the pathogen (virus) and the relevance of the health of the host, and what can we do about it?

There is an opportunity here for the curious layperson to better understand. As a naturopathic doctor, I’m exploring this issue from an angle outside of the mainstream focus on the germ. I’ve repeatedly assisted patients overcome chronic infections without prescription drugs and have developed an entirely alternative perspective about infectious disease. While these views are undoubtedly controversial, the primary message I’d like to elucidate is this: microbes manifest with resonance.

Microbes manifest with resonance

Microbes are a significant part of our lives and have been since the beginning of well, microbes! They are the beginning of “life” and are part of all other life forms. They ARE biology, not just part of it. When we didn’t understand that they existed, pestilence reigned. We wizened up, developed hygienic practices and septic systems, changing the nature and incidence of acute illness the world over, which, I might add, is often wrongly attributed to the advent of specific vaccines, speaking of another controversial issue. The “Germ Theory of Disease” took hold and has had us in its grip ever since. Even Louis Pasteur, who discovered the almighty ‘germ’ and subsequently invented pasteurization, the microbial annihilating and thus shelf life stabilizing process that bears his name, is purported to have said on his deathbed that his rival, Antoine Béchamp was correct, with the famous quote “The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything”.

“The microbe is nothing.
The terrain is everything.”

For over one hundred years, and especially since the advent of antibiotic use in the medical system (1940’s), these ‘miracle drugs’ corroborated the notion that microbes cause illness. While antibiotics often stop acute illness in its tracks, this fact has only obscured a more sophisticated understanding of the role of individual terrain and the immune system. These suppressive antibiotics actually lay the groundwork for chronic illness and dysfunction. When antibiotics don’t work, such as in repeated and ongoing symptom pictures diagnosed as “chronic infections” or when they are not indicated as in viral diseases, the prescriptions continue, contributing to ever more resistant and virulent pathogens since the drugs only add to the burden the individual is trying to unload through the so-called “infection”. Our dominant allopathic paradigm has yet to acknowledge the relationship between over prescription of antibiotics and epidemic rates of chronic disease; likewise, overprescribing in both humans and livestock remains disconnected from global chronic disease epidemics and pandemics.

We must broaden our understanding and raise awareness of what these little buggers are really about and what they are really doing. We need to move into a mindset of respecting our fellow organisms, as they literally are not only part of us, they have become us. We are not just talking about the gut bugs, anymore. We are talking about the relationship of the entire microbiota, ALL the microbes contained within us, with our overall physiology, health and dysfunction, or disease. This exploding field continues to clarify our relationship to microorganisms, with some surprising results that naturopathic physicians have been purporting since the beginning of our profession and even before, when we were called the “drugless doctors” or the “eclectics”.

Recent science continues to corroborate the tremendous influence of the microbiome (Note, technically ‘microbiota’ refers to the composite number of organisms and ‘microbiome’ refers technically to the genetic catalogue, or total DNA, of the microbiota). For example, we know that if we replace a mouse’s microbiome with that of an obese mouse, the first mouse will now become obese[2]. We know that shifting the microbiome can shift the expression of specific genes in the ‘host’ organism. More recent research reveals a dramatic reduction in efficacy of typical standard of care approaches when antibiotics are used before cancer therapy (both chemotherapy and immunotherapy)[3] [4]. And we also now know that one of the most important and impactful organelles in our own cells, the mitochondria, were once their own, separate bacterial selves that still carry their own DNA. Likewise, the virome (the sum total of the RNA and DNA of all viruses in our systems) also plays a role in pathology of disease and our overall health; certain viruses play a role in repairing damaged microbiomes from antibiotics[5]. Who is to say that the virus isn’t appearing in response to the terrain?

I purport that all microbes are serving a functional purpose and essentially take root in one’s body depending on the overall health of the terrain. Similar to the development of various types of ecosystems and their requisite organisms depending on the weather of a particular geographical area, or the existence of certain flora in specific soils, the microbiota flourish based on the terrain.

How is all of this relevant to the current global scare regarding the latest coronavirus (COVID-19)? Of course, I cannot predict what Mother Earth (or the ancient black whole’s particle beam!), has in store for us but I can share this, microbes are our friends. When they appear not to be, something is wrong, but it’s not just about the pest. We must ask why this pest is taking hold in our system, and most importantly recognize that we will never win any ‘war’ on our forebears, the microbiota, that preceded us on this Earth and preceded our current human form. The effort to do so is futile and confusing for the masses, at best.

Aside from social distancing in these early days, what else can we do to prepare ourselves? What can we do if or when we become ill? We all know those at risk: immunocompromised, elderly, etc., but what about those random healthy adult deaths? Why do these individuals fall prey? As indicated above, we have long put too much emphasis, even ALL of the emphasis on the microbe. Yes, there are microbes PRESENT when one falls acutely ill, but are they the sole cause? Of course, this is an incredibly contentious and controversial point, but have we ever stopped to think about what drives the replication and flourishment of the microbe? We focus on the inability of our “immune system” to stop it, but what is the immune system? It is a whole series of cells and signaling molecules that lead the marching orders of all of the other cells and signaling molecules. When this fundamental orchestration is off, the band doesn’t play right and things go awry, this is when we have issues. Specifically speaking to COVID-19, “cytokine storm” or “cytokine release-syndrome” is likely the driver of the acute respiratory distress that kills these apparently otherwise healthy adults[6]. A cytokine storm is the release of an overwhelming plethora of immune cells, signaling components (cytokines), that end up either drowning or destroying the fragile lung tissue, the minuscule alveoli, that are critical for exchanging carbon dioxide with oxygen.

The virus will take hold when there is a resonant energy, in terms of the terrain, including age, immune function, and even, I believe, on some level an emotional resonance. Possibly even our new 5G also spreading around the globe. When we are replete with varying levels of toxicants from a myriad of unseen, man-made chemicals-from pesticides, herbicides, flame retardants, plastics, hormones and pharmaceuticals, naturally, our immune systems become deranged. Part of this derangement is the resultant dysbiosis where particularly virulent microbes will take hold, settling into the resonance held in the tissues.

Repeatedly I have witnessed patients developing acute illnesses that often described “detox” after starting on alternative medical protocols. I propose that the microbes are present in our systems as symbionts, as a service to the higher order, functioning to move the garbage to the exterior. Use of antimicrobials to stop this process, wrongly assuming the microbes are the cause, leads to doubly toxic patients, and a terrain even more prone to the development of chronic disease. In over twenty years of practice, I have enabled countless patients to overcome the need for antibiotics with this underlying mindset and practice, using nothing but natural methods, including hydrotherapy and homeopathy as the primary modalities. Of course each individual must determine when it is appropriate to go to their medical doctor or hospital and seek care. We are anticipating an overload on the mainstream healthcare system, and aiming to prevent and support that need.

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