Our clinic addresses the most common root causes of poor physical and emotional wellbeing. From mood issues to more ‘physical’ symptoms; from excessive emotions to attention disorder-related issues, and more.

We don’t support labelling yourself to live inside of a diagnostic box. To do so, we support one’s trauma as an initial step in balancing any emotional symptoms. We offer support that is NOT with toxic and damaging pharmaceuticals**, but rather, with corrective, sometimes energetic therapies. These are not drugs, and they are not always even herbal medicines. Such corrective therapies is what Dr. Erin calls “Source Medicine”.


** Pharmaceuticals are considered the leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease1. Just what are we doing to ourselves?

[1] DOI: 10.20452/pamw.2503


We offer a few key programs to assist your emotional foundation. You do not even have to be a patient of ours for us to help you in this way!


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Developed by Dr. Gérard Guéniot and his colleagues, the OM Program is used to reinforce the normal maturation of the human being. It is used in both children and adults in cases where development has been disrupted or is at risk of being blocked from a current stress or trauma. Dr. Erin has chosen to call this the “OM Program”, as OM is the original sound, or the corrective force of Creation, and also because this program is to Optimize Maturation.

Returning to Source, on an energetic level, assists the energetic body to self-correct, through a re-alignment with the original formative forces that inform our fundamental health.

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Our MindBody Temperament Balancing Program is a 12-Week Program that consists of vibrational remedies. They are either homeopathics or they are made with a method that records energetic blueprints. These corrective therapies, or sources of in-formation, carries the imprint of the original substances from which they are soured. This energy matches and resonates with the impact of previous experiences held within oneself… emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs.

It’s difficult to understand without experiencing the results for yourself. Not unlike trying to explain what a rose smells like to someone who has never smelled one!

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A simple daily practice that changes everything.

Heartfulness consists of meditation on the heart  and techniques using directed thought, or will, to purify the whole system.

One of our clinic’s favorite Heartfulness techniques is called “Cleaning” – where one visualizes all complexities leaving their body in the form of vapor and purity returning to every cell. The “Rejuvenation” meditation practice is especially useful with the presence of excessive thoughts, inability to settle and in individuals who cannot sleep. It helps to settle and prepare for and allow a deeper meditation.

These are just two among many other Heartfulness meditation techniques to support overall peace of mind, body, and spirit.

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The Heartfulness app is a great tool to access tailored meditation techniques, journaling, events, and connecting with a trainer for live meditation as needed.


Here at Options Naturopathic we did the legwork to provide the highest quality hemp products to address your needs.

Given hemp has been part of both human and animal diets for millennia, we have a deep biological association with this plant and its particularly unique class of compounds. In fact, we have a system of receptors that are primed by the alkaloids in hemp, and work better when regularly exposed to them. Known as the ‘endocannabinoid’ system, humans have developed a very deep relationship through this chemical communication system with hemp, in that we can actually produce Cannabis-like molecules in our own bodies. Likewise, we have significant benefits when we ingest the molecules from the plants. Particularly the bones and the nervous system. So much for the ‘This is your brain on drugs’ propaganda.




At Options, we chose a special farm growing a single, strong genetic strain (Suver haze) of hemp to launch our first brand: Divine Influence with “EarthSpeak” as the inaugural product. Selected from the untouched land of a farm in Wisconsin, the plants are grown to mitigate as much stress as possible, ensuring a less than 0.3% THC content. This unadulterated clean extract is one of the most potent phytocannabinoids on the market, with 43mg of total phytocannabinoids per 0.5mL. This means you should need far less of EarthSpeak to have a comparable dose of CBD from other products.

"What is so powerful is the ability of this remedy to allow me to listen to my inner Being. I take better care of myself when using it, and instead of a frenetic neurosis, I find a heart-centered, loving openness that makes me a better doctor, co-worker, wife, parent and friend."

-Dr. Erin Holston Singh
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Tap into what’s really holding you back.

Here at Options Naturopathic, we recommend virtually every patient of ours to have a session with Lynette. Through her services, you will be guided towards a better understanding of your own trauma as she facilitates and holds space for your inner journey to unravel. The word “hypnosis” can sometimes give a negative connotation, but rest assured you will remain fully present and safe within your body as you explore your inner emotional landscape. Ask our staff about their sessions if you would like a personal testimonial!

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"Hypnosis is a relaxation technique that can bring you to a natural brain state that is similar to the point right before falling asleep or upon awakening in the morning. In this state, you are more focused internally and will have access to more expanded states of consciousness that allow you to connect with your higher self. When you are in this relaxed and peaceful state your body has the opportunity to self-heal and return to harmony.

We all have access to this higher wisdom that can address our emotional, physical and spiritual inquiries or challenges, but in our everyday thinking mind we are generally distracted and disconnected from this awareness. Quantum Healing is a technique that guides you back to your true self."

-Lynette Ramos
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