Mix 1 Tablespoon mustard seed powder with either the white of an egg until it is a paste. If you do not have an egg, or if you  are intolerant to eggs, mix the mustard seed powder with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch or flour and enough water to make a paste.

If you have 4″ gauze bandages apply the paste to one of the bandages and sandwich with another and you now have a plaster.  If you do not have gauze bandages you will need a piece of cotton (t-shirt weight material) that is about 12″ on each side. A handkerchief is perfect.  Spread the paste onto the center of cotton over an area of about 4″ on each side. Fold the edges over so that there is you have a 4″x4″ square.  One of the sides of this plaster will be just one layer of cotton, while the other has the folded over cotton as well. Use the THIN side with only one layer of cotton as the side against the body.

You now have a mustard plaster that can be used for up to one week if kept in the refrigerator.


For a spasmodic cough or nausea and vomiting this method will relax the diaphragm and ease the symptoms. You will need the plaster, a washcloth wrung from cold water out of the tap, and a small blanket.

Place the plaster centered over the belly button.  Cover with a blanket and relax. Set a timer and leave the plaster in place until it feels hot.  This may take about 15 minutes.  Remove the plaster when it feels hot (or turns pinkish red in a child, but be careful not to burn the skin) and note the length of time required from when it was applied and when it was removed.

Apply the cotton washcloth to the belly button, well wrung from cold water out of the tap and folded into a quarters.  Apply for the same length of time as the mustard plaster was in place.

Repeat these steps.  The amount of time that the plaster takes to feel warm will decrease on each cycle until it only takes about one minute to heat up.  At this point stop the cycles (after the cold washcloth is applied for 1 minute of course).

The plaster can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week and can be applied at the first sign of symptoms.

We recognize that these views are ‘alternative’ and are not approved by the FDA. Please choose your medical path wisely.  We trust in our therapies and have seen them work countless times! We also trust that homeopathy is protective based on our clinical experience and our that of our fore-bearers.