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Happy Holidays from Options Naturopathic Clinic!
I hope this season brings you and your loved ones plenty of Peace, Love and Joy amidst the chaos of the season. Please find a few moments to catch up with our news when you can!
~Dr. Erin
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– Holiday Hours
– Rates for Services to increase as of Jan. 1
– old rates apply if scheduled before Dec. 30
– New Products
– Cranialsacral at Options with Julia Smith!
– Roundup! Are you ready?!

Holiday Hours
We will be closed Dec 23-25 and Dec 31-Jan
Rate Changes
Beginning January 1, our rates will have a slight increase. New patient appointments will be $225 and follow-up visits will be based on a $165 per hour rate (appointments are charged according to the time required for the visit and plan development). Thank you for understanding, as we have not increased our rates for almost 10 years! APPOINTMENTS SCHEDULED BY
DEC. 30 WILL BE HONORED AT THE OLD RATES. Make your New’s Year’s Resolution to tackle that health issue and A highly concentrated form of Olive Leaf extract, along with Aloe vera, MSM, Vitamins A and E, this new topical is showing some amazing promise for nearly any skin lesion! From cold sores to warts to basal cell cancers, to shingles and ring worm. If you have a suspicious skin eruption, it’s worth trying.
AS mentioned above! -to clear pesticides, Addex
Try 10 drops, three times a day for at least one bottle every 6 months. Discuss with Dr. Erin if you have more questions.

Cranialsacral at Options with Julia Smith! I (Dr. Erin) believe cranialsacral therapy to be gentlest yet most effective type of bodywork. Cranial is a very subtle therapy, creating change in the physical body on profound levels, without forcing or disturbing the tissue or creating rebounding inflammation or pain. As I have often said, this is the ‘homeopathy of bodywork’, implying it stimulates a self-correction, stimulating the healing process from deep within. For anyone working on a comprehensive program with Dr. Erin, cranial work is the perfect complement, particularly if a patient is experiencing any musculoskeletal pain or inflammation. Consider scheduling some unusually low-cost cranial work with Julia -a special for our patients only! These discounted prices are for Options patients only! Three initial hour-long sessions for only $40.00, and then as follows:
1 hour @$80.00
1 1/2 hours @$100.00
2 hours @$120.00
Please call Julia directly to schedule at 440-567-5190

Roundup! Are you ready?!
Central American farm workers along the Pacific coast are developing epidemic proportions of unexplained kidney disease. One in 45 males born in the United States now has autism. Babies born in rural farming counties in Washington State are being born without brains, yes, without brains. What’s the connection? All of these areas are using unprecedented amounts of Glyphosate, or
‘RoundUp’, the Monsanto herbicide that was put into widespread use beginning in 1998 and has, unfortunately, been increasing in the United States ever since. Correlation is not causation, but there is a near exact correlative relationship with the increase of this chemical and the increase in these disease incidences for these locations.
The United States uses 25% of the world’s total supply of glyphosate and unlike Europe, who has largely banned genetically modified crops that are altered to not be killed by this pesticide, we are using more and more of it each year. This herbicide is applied repeatedly on ‘Roundup Ready’ crops such as soy, corn, sugar beets and rapeseed (from which canola oil is derived), and it is doused just before harvest on many other crops such as wheat, beans, legumes, sunflowers and barley. This means this chemical is in many of the non-organic foods you consume. Should you be concerned? Let me give you some facts and I’ll let you be the judge.
Glyphosate acts on a specific pathway in the metabolism [of] plants. This pathway does not occur in animals (including humans), and thus glyphosate itself has very limited toxicity for humans or animals. Such is the claim of Dr. Ron Kleinman, the physician in chief at Mass General Hospital for Children. What Dr. Kleinman fails to understand, however, is that this specific pathway, called the shikimate pathway, DOES exist in our gut bacteria. When we remove the capacity of our gut microbes to process this chemical, we end up with an inability to synthesize amino acids, which are critical nutrients we need for proper physiology, and an undesired overgrowth of pathogenic gut bacteria. It shouldn’t be a mystery why so many of us in the United States have chronic yeast overgrowth, dysbiosis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Glyphosate also blocks our ability to shunt minerals into the proper locations in our body. This means one can end up with an excess of manganese in the brain and a correlating deficiency in the liver, or an excess of iron in the brain and a deficiency of this nutrient in the liver, where it belongs. Depending on your age (young or old), this improper placement of minerals can contribute to either ADHD or Parkinson’s with manganese displacement, and autism or Alzheimer’s with iron displacement.
Too much Fe in brain=Autism or Alzheimers
Too much Mn in brain=ADHD or Parkinsons
Glyphosate also depletes a critical enzyme crucial in the process of detoxifying red blood cells and depletes the critically important antioxidant glutathione. As a result, in areas that have high amounts of glyphosate applications on corn and soy crops have high cases of anemia in hospital patients. Glyphosate causes red blood cells to burst and severely compromises the body’s capacity to compensate. Furthermore, there are implications that glyphosate use has contributed to the now epidemic proportions of Vitamin D deficiency since it disrupts the activation
of Vitamin D in the liver. Other concerns are that other pesticide ingredients, although considered to be completely inert, increase the toxicity of the active ingredients 1000-fold in 100% of cases. And perhaps the most concerning, the World Health Organization considers glyphosate to be a carcinogen. Folic acid and Round Up The United States enriches many foods with folic acid. Unfortunately this folic acid is synthetic and differs from the natural folates our bodies need. This synthetic folic acid is toxic and works synergistically with RoundUp to disrupt the
flow of bile in our liver. These two, in combination, contribute to fatty liver disease and liver damage.

Glyphosate and Vaccines
Glyphosate plays a special role in the toxicity of certain vaccines that contain glutamate (MMR, Varicella, Rabies and flu vaccines) as it disrupts the conversion of glutamate (a neurotoxin) to it’s non-toxic form of glutamine. Other vaccines (DTaP, Hep-B and Gardasil) contain another neurotoxin, the heavy metal aluminum. Autism rates also have risen with the increase of glyphosate on our food sources.
Perhaps it is the combination of glyphosate-soaked foods and vaccines that are contributing to the rise of neurological diseases in our children. What can you do to protect you and your family?
– Eat organic! Goes without saying, but just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you don’t eat organic, 100%, make this a priority for the foods that are on the Environmental Working Groups list of the “Dirty Dozen”, those crops that have the most pesticide and herbicide use throughout their
– Avoid unnecessary vaccines. As most of my patients know, we have a program for maintaining health that does not include a reliance on toxic vaccinations. Please discuss with me at future appointments and please do not take annual flu shots!
– Eat foods rich in folates Such as beets, spinach, lentils and broccoli
– Eat foods high in Sulphur Such as Cottage Cheese, eggs, apricots, cheese, cabbage, chicken, onions and garlic
– Eat Foods high in Manganese Such as kale, swiss chard, breads, tofu,
Anasazi beans, oysters and fish
– Detox from RoundUp! We have specific pesticide detoxifiers., including Addex, a homeopathic complex formulated for stimulating the removal of the various herbicides and pesticides we encounter in our food supply.
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See you next year!
Drs. Erin and Laura with Alyssa and Fannie!
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