Dr. Guéniot’s “Brain Protocol”-Professional Training Course


OR “Optimizing Development through Healing the Past” : A course for Physicians, Homeopaths and Mental Health Practitioners

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This 2-hour course will cover the history, background, development and purpose of Guéniot’s ‘Brain Protocols’, including the work of Dr. Gauthier, Maclean and Guéniot and his colleagues that led to its philosophical and practical underpinnings. As part of the information required for knowing appropriate indications, the following will be addressed:

  • -WHY the world needs this method of using homeopathic remedies to support traumatic development
  • -Normal childhood development, or maturation, including the governance of the endocrine glands for each phase of development.
  • -Self-identity. Immune identity.
  • -Developmental disturbances.
  • -Exact indications, i.e. how, for whom & when to prescribe the remedies, including variations, breaks and repetitions.
  • -Difficulties or reactions.
  • -Supportive management of reactions.
  • -Additional pluralistic homeopathic methods to support optimal results, i.e. the “Guéniot Method” of non-Classical homeopathic prescribing
  • -Complementary tools
  • -Case examples

By the end of this course, one should feel comfortable with implementing or expanding your use of the organotherapy homeopathics in clinical practice to facilitate unblocking developmental stages.

Dr. Erin trained directly with Dr. Guéniot starting in 1998  and conversed with him over eleven years in use of the Brain Protocol. She has used these protocols for over twenty years in her clinic, working with countless patients, in various stages of development.  These fundamental principles can be applied to all patients, once the implications and development and specific use is understood.  It’s an excellent adjunct to any basic homeopathic protocol to assist with anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder or other related conditions.

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