Revivin 500mg (120 capsules)


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Revivin is designed to benefit abnormal cell growth and symptoms of poor immunity. Clinical studies in human abnormal growth cells compared Revivin to the most popular chemotherapy agents, showing the following results for colon, breast, and abnormal cell growth in the liver: Revivin is more sensitive than Vincristin and Mytomycin. For colon and liver, Revivin is more sensitive than 5-Fu. For breast and cervical, Revivin is more sensitive that Cis-Platin. Revivin is non-toxic and, unlike chemotherapy, has NO side effects. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation, helps stop bleeding, and is good for stomach functions. Designed to benefit and symptoms of poor immunity Used for colon, breast and liver Is non-toxic, with NO side effects Aids in the reduction of pain and inflammation, helps to stop bleeding and is good for stomach functions Revivin is a natural alternative for patients with malignant growths Recommended For Malignant growths Main Ingredients Bolbostemma


Directions Take 2 capsules, 2-3 times daily after meals Size/Strength 120 capsules/bottle, 350 mg/capsule


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