Artichokes -A simple winter snack to cleanse the liver

One of my (Erin) favorite foods is a whole artichoke (Cynarus scolymnus). It’s a rather uncommon but
largely overlooked treat in my opinion and one that should be eaten more often since it is so easy to
prepare! It is also fabulous for liver function. In fact, several of our herbal formulas include artichoke
specifically because of this vegetable’s detoxifying and rejuvenative powers for the liver. It is in the herbal
formula Livton Complex, the gemmo and mother tincture combination Depuragem that we use in our
cleansing and detox protocols, the spagyrically-prepared detoxifier Apo-Hepat and Unda #74, which
we use for hemorrhoids and circulatory congestion at the level of the liver and below (portal congestion).
As a food, organic artichokes are a simple and quick snack to prepare if you have a pressure cooker. Most
chefs suggest squeezing the juice of a whole lemon in the cooking water, but my undiscerning palate
enjoys them even when I don’t have time for the lemon! I simply wash the artichoke, cut the partial stem
off and cook it in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes at full steam with about a 1/2 inch of water in the
bottom. Fifteen minutes later, I let out the steam, open the cooker and have a delicious treat. The leaves
are delectable dipped in either flax seed oil, olive oil or garlic oil. I also like the ‘Follow your Heart’ eggfree
brand of ‘Vegenaise’, made with grapseed oil. I dip my leaves in this alternative to conventional
‘mayo’ and then, when the leaves are gone, I gently cut into the heart, removing the spindly, spiky hairs
that are no fun to eat, and then devour the best part: the heart!
If you have a pressure cooker, don’t be shy! You might just find that you love this newfound vegetable
which I find people have largely forgetten, other than our fancier restaurant chefs!

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