Research science has an important place in understanding the body and determining which substances support and heal. Modern research is largely reductionistic, in that it looks at the parts to understand the whole. Our job as naturopathic doctors is to take these parts, and put them back together, making them relevant within the context of a patient’s life and our philosophy as a whole.

No longer can anyone say there is “no research on natural medicine” as the journals and PubMed pages are overflowing with substances from nature. 

As we move from ‘evidence-based medicine’ into real life, enjoy our evolving collection of relevant scientific data!

Natural medicine is the original healing tool that is ever-evolving to reclaim its rightful space in our modern world.


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While we encourage you to explore Reductionism through the research, which allows for you to look at the whole through the sum of its parts. We also remind you to explore two other important ways of knowing what is true: Mysticism and Empiricism. Mysticism is your inner intuitive knowing and Empiricism is what you know to be true from observational outward experience

We believe that all three of these approaches are in the process of converging in humanity at this discordant moment in history, and that the sooner we learn to integrate and respect all three, the easier life, and thus our healing, will be.

Our practice invites you to pay homage our forebears – the saints, the yogis, the seers, and the natural philosophers so that we can fully ourselves and heal.


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