Welcome Back!

Follow-Up Process & Scheduling

We’re thrilled to have you back with us as a returning patient. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re committed to providing you with excellent care. To ensure you’re informed and comfortable with our follow-up process, we’ve outlined the key details below.

Additional Offerings

At Options Naturopathic, we transcend the ordinary clinic experience! We are your holistic health allies offering a plethora of services that cater to everyone, patients and non-patients alike. We take pride in being your go-to destination for any health ailment or goal you may have.

Facing a major dental procedure? Prepping for surgery? We’ve got a specialized protocol for a swift recovery and body protection. Dealing with a pesky runny nose and body aches? Choose from our myriad of options for relief that help you avoid antibiotics and Tylenol! Struggling with your diet? Count on us for unwavering support! There’s no challenge too big or small – Options Naturopathic is your all-encompassing wellness sanctuary. Don’t let your health concerns linger; remember, we’re here for it all – because there’s nothing we can’t assist with!

Schedule Your Follow-Up Consultation

For your convenience, you can schedule your follow-up consultations online below. You also have the option to schedule by logging into your CHARM portal and requesting one.

If you prefer to schedule over the phone or have any questions, our friendly staff is here to assist you. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.