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Sacred Secretions


Laura Mouriño, N.D.

The endocrine system is a complex system that consists of hormones, which are chemical messengers that we prefer to call our “sacred secretions.” These sacred messengers are the key to maintaining all of our internal systems, from the nervous to the immune and digestive systems, connected with the outside world and each other. When the endocrine system is working optimally, our whole bodies are moving harmoniously with nature’s own sacred rhythm and communicating flawlessly within ourselves. Reference the attached image* for more details on what sacred secretion is released by which organ system. 

When we expose ourselves to toxic chemicals such as dyes and preservatives in food, synthetic cosmetics, body care products, or cleaning agents – we disrupt this delicate network which then compromises many basic yet crucial functions and thus our ability to communicate properly with our environment and our own self. This disconnection of ourselves with nature is the beginning of most if not all dysfunction in the body that, if not addressed and restored, will lead to disease. It is akin to communication towers going down in a major city and chaos erupting there after. 

Areas of the body that are highly porous and permeable most easily impact the entire endocrine system, especially the oral cavity and the skin, since their primary function is connecting and assimilating our internal world with nature. Due to their chemical structure similarities to our body’s own hormones: sugar, perfumes, and dyes (food and cosmetic) wreak the most havoc on the endocrine system and highlight the importance of proper oral and skin health when in contact with these compounds. It is crucial to research your household products to ensure that you are cleaning yourself, your family, and your home properly without compromising healthy tissue.

More and more, information is coming forth that common beauty products lead to cancer. Learn more below on how to help support your system naturally!

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  • Use EWG SkinDeep to look up what are the most common endocrine disruptors in food, body care products, and commercial cleaning products
  • Review Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen list for most chemically-laden produce of the year.
  • Assess your current pantry, body care products, and cleaning products in your home to see if there are any endocrine/hormone-disrupting ingredients. Begin transitioning to cleaner products as you can.
  • Transition your makeup and skincare to BeautyCounter for high quality and non-endocrine disrupting beauty products. BeautyCounter is 100% EWG verified and non-toxic!


  • Eat low carb, organic, and high cruciferous vegetable content. This helps encourage elimination of toxic compounds through the liver and fills the body with clean nutrients.
  • Reduce and avoid all sugar – especially from candy, desserts, and processed foods.
  • Drink clean filtered water from a Berkey, Aquasana, or a whole house reverse osmosis system. These water systems filter out microplastics, chemical waste, heavy metals, sediment, and residual medications that are present in tap water.
  • Change your dental habits to help to clean in, around, and in between teeth to remove sugar, food dyes, and plaque left behind that can be quickly absorbed in the mouth which disrupt your endocrine and nervous systems.
    • Try out our NEW Clove Cardamom floss — A chemical-free floss made from all natural nylon sponge and coated with coconut oil and essential oils to reduce gum recession and cavities to support an optimal oral ecosystem. Use at least once daily for full benefits.
    • Dentalcidin Broad-Spectrum Toothpaste — A blended herbal toothpaste formulated to reduce unhealthy plaque and biofilms in the mouth that can cause an inflammatory response similar to leaky gut known as “leaky mouth.” Use at least twice daily for best results.
  • Try coconut oil pulling! This traditional Ayurvedic technique gently helps bind up fat-based toxins in the mouth left behind after brushing, reduce plaque build up, as well as rebalance the oral microbiome for a healthier mouth and digestive system.
    • Swishing the mouth with ~1 tbsp of organic coconut oil for 10 minutes a day. Multi-use coconut oil for oil pulling and a soothing skin moisturizer!
  • Adjust your skincare routine! Wash your face of makeup and other daily toxicants before going to sleep with clean, effective, and natural facial productsWe offer a multitude of clean topical products that blend botanicals to clear out toxic compounds on the face and rebalance the skin’s natural microbiome. Local to Cleveland and close to our hearts – see our favorite products below!
    • Clean Face Cleanser — An herb based liquid cleanser to help remove toxic compounds accumulated on the face, balance moisture, and even out texture. 
    • Clean Face Toner — A gentle toner applied to the entire face or as a spot application to encourage optimal pH.
    • Clean Face Light Cream OR Serum — Use the light cream for lightweight moisture. Use serum for areas of excessive dryness.
    • Swell Skin Bar Soap & Serums — A soothing blend of vitamins, herbs, and Omega-3 rich oils especially made for sensitive, irritable, or eczema-prone skin.