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OM Program

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anyone experiencing physical or emotional discomforts



The OM Program strengthens the normal maturation of the human being.

We use the program for a number of reasons:

  • Used in both children and adults where development has either been previously disrupted or is currently at risk of being blocked from stress or trauma. The OM Program reinforces the fundamental forces of the maturing process on a physical and emotional level.
  • In adults, it is especially useful at times of transition or troublesome periods, which can actually be childhood trauma patterns repeating themselves.
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Dr. Erin has chosen to call this the “OM Program”, as OM is the original sound, or the corrective force ofa Creation, and also because this program is to Optimize Maturation.

Taken over a three-to-six month period, it covers the period of development between birth and puberty – a critically important time.

Think of ACE (Adverse Childhood Event) scores, and how higher ACE scores are associated with a greater risk of disease in adulthood. The OM Program, more aptly called “Developmental Optimization” helps us ‘reset’ traumas of childhood, of either physical or emotional nature.

Understand The OM Program

Morphogenetic information to remove trauma and redefine the self​

Throughout any person’s childhood, various events occur that both support and disrupt development. From minor experiences to major life events, most people could speak to at least one significant formative memory. Likewise, an unsettling vast majority of people have had daily influences or ongoing abuses that created lasting effects on both their psyche and the physique; all illness is, to some extent, psychosomatic illness.

The Program for Optimal Maturation (OM) provides an opportunity to gently redefine the impact of our childhood experience on our mental and physical well-being. The program introduces bioenergetic information reflecting different stages from preconception-to-puberty, mimicking five developmental phases a person undergoes during this entire period. This sequential reintroduction of the normal influences enables the body and mind to flush, repair and redevelop, facilitating healing and optimization. The capacity for the human body to repair from past insults through energetic resonance medicine in a mild and incredibly subtle therapy, supporting and enabling profound shifts is unparalleled.

What To Expect

Many patients experience a significant change or experience at some point during the typical three-to-six-month period that the program is done. It is important that patients enter into the OM Program with a level of commitment to see it through; this system supports deep change that deserves respect and continuity of care. Every patient is unique and individual changes and experiences should be discussed with your physician. Reactions range from calming hyperactive children, increasing awareness and alertness in older patients complaining of poor memory, to aiding individuals with autoimmune type diseases to display more normalized immune function.

While it is almost easy to see how the OM Program could be universally prescribed in today’s world, the plan is used with discretion for those individuals and for those times that reflect its need the most. If you are interested in trying the program, please speak with your Options Naturopathic physician.


Energetically revisiting one’s  developmental history as an adult can help an individual re-experience a negative event with some distance, and aid in allowing the individual the opportunity to re-perceive the original event with new clarity and healing. The OM Program stimulates the proper development of the endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems and can also correct errors in organ function caused by interruptions to normal development. Since we can always help an individual balance himself during formative development, the program is not only used in childhood. Adults who have signs of developmental disruptions often benefit from it as well, even when physical or emotional traumas occurred twenty to forty years earlier, or when the trauma cannot be precisely identified. We aid the body in re-linking the neurological structures to the actual organs and vice versa. Because the body has a natural tendency to complete these connections on its own, even if delayed by decades, the OM Program can be significant in most patients.

Practitioners, Therapists & Shamans

Learn to administer the OM PROGRAM

Seeing the tremendous changes and resolutions in individuals from all walks of life, Dr. Erin’s mission is to carry on the work of her mentor and bring this brilliance into the light of new medical understanding that includes consciousness, spirituality and awareness.

Dr. Erin’s ultimate goal is to take her twenty five years of working with the OM Program (originally Dr. Guéniot’s “Brain Protocol”) and train other practitioners on how to successfully use it. 

This program can help your clients learn and understand themselves, while also assist in reorganizing their physical bodies to attain a state of improved health.

Options offers wholesale pricing for the five main phase collections, not including the minerals associated with each phase.

The OM Program is ideally paired with our MindBody Temperament Balancing Program.