Theramagnetic-P (Nervous System Balancing) – $15

As electromagnetic beings, polarized magnetic therapy has been in use for over 70 years by French auriculotherapists. This special device is used to help settle and soothe frazzled nerves and support exhausted, stressed out contitions. As an excellent adjunct to all other therapies, the Theramagnetic-P is also specifically useful in assisting in modifying the terrain in chronic conditions and for jet lag!

PEMF Bemer Mat (Circulatory Detox) – $25

PEMF mats, and especially the most powerful “Bemer” brand, are a form of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. The Bemer increases microcirculation (your smallest of small blood vessels!) throughout the body by up to 70% for 16 hours after each 8-minute treatment. Improving circulation to stagnant areas facilitates oxygenation, as well as removal of cellular debris, improving detoxification. Has your doctor mentioned that you have “thick and sticky” blood? This therapy is ideal for you! We generally advise getting two treatments in a 24-48 period for ideal results.

Color Therapy (Whole Body Harmonization) – $45

Ultimately there is one light, white light, which reflects the Divine and which has all the colors within it. As the Universe formed, this white light diffracted into different colors and ultimately has a relationship to everything. The more light penetrates into matter, the more it gets diffracted into different colors. Thus, colors act on the energetic life force, harmonizing the physical body.

Try All 3 As a Bundle – $60

 Please contact us at the office to see what times are available for our staff to set any of these appointments up.
Offered at our on-site location in Cleveland Heights ONLY.