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An in-office therapy to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and improve joint mobility.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

More than half of all people in the United States go to the doctor with complaints of pain; be it from acute injury, chronic overuse, or both. At Options Naturopathic, we offer several potent in-office treatments to address both pain and worsening mobility including Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and Therapeutic Ultrasound.

How Does it Work?

Generally all of these modalities increase blood flow and stimulate healthy nerve conduction to the areas of acute or repeated injury; thereby supporting the healing of sprains, strains, degenerative conditions, and even reducing scar tissue.

What Conditions Does it Support?

Depending on the complaint, different units can be used to uniquely target the issue; TENS unit, for example, has been shown to be an effective analgesic (pain-relieving) method in mild to moderate pain and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Whereas an EMS unit has been shown to be reduce pain and prevent muscle wasting associated with chronic congestive heart disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and end-stage kidney disease. Ultrasound is also used to improve overall function when there are long standing injuries that have caused pain and limitations in mobility.

These therapies are a great way to start reducing the burden of pain and limited mobility in your life. Together with Dr. Erin’s and Dr. Laura’s recommendations to address the whole picture and heal the terrain you can start feeling a better, healthier you!

Appointments are typically 30 minutes and cost $50 per session.

For more information, we have attached two research articles that came out in the last few years explaining how naturopathic care, including these therapies, have been used to help patients over the last century.