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Addressing a myriad of complaints and musculoskeletal aches and pains, cranial work is excellent for SETTLING the body.

Julia Smith, BCST

Unlike more conventional intervention-based therapies, Biodynamic Craniosacral work supports a deep experience of the health that is available to all of us at the heart of stillness. Dr. Erin put this beautifully when she called BCST (Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy) “the homeopathy of bodywork, in that it helps to release and stimulate self-correction.” The Biodynamic philosophy is one of “being with” as opposed to “doing to.”

Craniosacral work grew out of the observation that the bones of the skull have their own subtle movement or breath and that, in effect, something seems to be breathing us. This is a radical re-characterization of our human experience: we do not end at the liminal edge of our skin, but are surrounded and bathed in the energy and intention of our source. This energy is a wellspring of health and the template of information through which we are manifest. This is the field that holds in balance all of the conditioned forces–the traumas, the personal histories, the genetic influences–that have impacted each of us in the course of our lives. In the deep and powerful stillness that we can summon during a Craniosacral session, the system can be resourced enough to re-align, to digest, to heal, and to integrate at the most profound levels of our beings.

As we do the program, and ideally when the stuck energy moves, the body may enter into an acute illness, hence supports for healing crises will be given. Most of this is already on our website and is what Options has been engaged in throughout the course of my practice.

Please note that an acute illness is a desired, or welcome response, as otherwise your aberrant patterns remain internalized. Nothing to fear, as this is how life recovers itself. Fever is probably the most ideal result we could expect, as fever indicates the immunity has launched and the directive to incarnate (or remain incarnated) in this form has taken hold. Never suppress a fever!

We are not so arrogant to imply that this is the only tool any person should use, rather we are merely proposing it as a support, as medicine, to assist in the process of healing.

What is a Cranialsacral session like?

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on healing modality. Practitioners generally begin with a gentle hold at the client’s feet (usually cupping the heels) to ground the system and tune into the “mid-line” of the body and energy field. Therapists “listen” for the rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and invite the client’s system to settle and release holding patterns so that the natural state of health can reassert in the system. When a person’s system is supported to settle into deep stillness, both practitioner and client can experience the slow, subtle tide known as the Breath of Life, a profound expression of a person’s vitality. From this place of deep stillness and rest, the system can begin to return with ease to the ever-present template of health and wholeness—“Inherent Health.” This gentle, non-invasive approach to healing can have profound effects on the body at the cellular levels, changing physiology, releasing held trauma, and stimulating self-correction.

At its core, craniosacral work is a therapy of self empowerment; Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy (BCST) practitioners are guided by the health inherent to every system and hold space with the awareness that it is that very health which allows us to resolve issues and make space for new possibilities and healthier patterns. Cranial work can be both a great physical comfort and an experience of renewal, but it can also become a fascinating embodied self-exploration along a journey towards wholeness and well-being.

This work aims to remind the receiver of their own direct access to the infinite wisdom that is intrinsic to our energy fields. We work with the goal of returning to the body to the template of health always present to the system at the deepest levels of our energetics and returning our experience in embodiment to the wholeness that is our birthright!

To schedule, text or call Julia directly at 440-567-5190